Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cat Locations Guide

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Cat Locations guide will cover all the locations of the cats you can find in the side quests for some easy money.

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Cat Locations guide will cover all the locations of the cats you can find in the quests Cat Search 1 and 2, helping you earn up to 2 million yen in the latest Yakuza.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cat Locations

First of all, you need to activate this quest by heading to the 3rd floor of the Café Brave building. That’s where the Part-Time Hero office is.

Talk to the man, and after the cutscene is over, you can head downstairs, and as you exit the building, he will mention that his cats have gotten out.


There are two parts to this Cat Search quest. You have to find 9 cats in the first part and then find another cat in part 2 of the same quest.

Whenever you are in the vicinity of a cat, it will start meowing, which lets you easily track it.

Cat #1
Joban Street, Sakuragawa Dori (South). Go to the 2nd floor of the employee area parking lot.

Cat #2
Sunrise Street. Towards the north of the street, near the shelter with the green roof.

Cat #3
Roman Street. In the back alley of the Chinese restaurant which you can access from the right side.

Cat #4
Snack Street. Check the right side of the hotel entrance.

Cat #5
Kamiuchi Station West Area. Near the off-limits sign.

Cat #6
Kamiuchi Station East Area, Bayside Street. Search towards the right staircase entrance.

Cat #7
Kamiuchi Station North Area, West Horse-Drawn Carriage Highway. You can find this cat behind the batting cage.

Cat #8
Hamakita Park. This cat should be around the drinking fountain.

Cat #9
Hamakita Park. Near the Chinese meat bun shop. This cat is around the area that leads to Chinatown.

Once you have these 9 cats, go back to the Part-Time Hero Office, where the guy will give you 1 million yen as a reward. He will also tell you about his first cat, Robson-Chan.

He expresses his wish to meet that cat one more time.

Hamakita Park. Robson-Chan is in the North-East corner of the park. He is sitting on top of a lamp near the slopped path.

Return Robson-Chan to the office to get another reward of 1 million yen.

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