Yakuza Kiwami 2 Substories Guide

We have the locations for all those Substories in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Although the real juice of the Yakuza games remains the main story, the side quests, aka substories should never be overlooked. Substories in Yakuza Kiwami 2 are essential for the entire Yakuza experience and help you in farming XP and money, uncovering bits of lore, and meeting new characters. You can unlock these as you progress through the main story chapters and earn enough XP.

The game encourages you to explore the map yourself, so it does not mark substory locations on the map. However, you can make it easier to locate these via the Substory Finder ability. It lies under the Life Skills section in the Stats tab of your game. Just like the Trouble Finder tool in Yakuza 0, the Substory Finder ability shows new substory destinations on your map. You can recognize them by a grey balloon icon popping out.

There are 75 substories to complete in Yakuza Kiwami 2, except the last one, which automatically completes once the previous 75 are completed.

As always, the substories are distributed across Kamurocho and Sotenbori. Our Yakuza Kiwami 2 substories guide includes map images for each of the two regions showing every substory location in the game. It will make it easier for you to pinpoint the areas you should be heading for.

Chapter 1 Substories

Substory #20 – Living the American Dream
In American Baseball Batting Center, once you’re able to clear the first three batting challenges, you’ll have a go against Dandy Johnson. The reward for victory will be a signed baseball by him; a loss will result in a deduction of 10 thousand Yen.

Substory #21 – Against All Odds
You need to make your way to Lullaby Mahjong where you’ve simply got to win a match of Mahjong. Though you can go about it fairly, the Peerless Tile item from substory no 31 will make it easier for you to achieve victory. Your reward will be a 100k Yen.

Substory #24 – A Pervy Peddler
In the DVD store or the weapons & video merchant in Tenkaichi Alley, you need to save his life by unlocking the Kamiyama’s shop. Here you’ll get weapons and DVDs to learn martial art techniques.

Chapter 2 Substories

Substory #60 – Helping the Barker
After you first meet Kurokawa during the main story, you can get this quest by heading to Kani Douraku. Engage in a fight to save the Barker and become friends with him.

Substory #43 – Lend a Claw
Once you’re in the Club Sega, speak with a man nearby the UFO catcher who’ll task you with bringing him the Robot Manager back. Doing so will lead to a reward of 30k Yen.

If you head to Iowa Bridge, you’ll be able to see the Robot Manager just lying on the floor. Head back to the Club and this time, go for the Robot Chief. This time, the reward is an Italian luxury ring.

Lastly, if you head back to the Club after some time, you’ll receive the last reward, a Gold Robo President.

Substory #65 – No Means No
You’ll be able to speak to a woman outside the club called Ebisu Pawn who’ll be attacked by some men. Defeat them and the Masked Barker will become your ally.

Substory #59 – A Nose for Music
Head to one of the stores, like Poppa on Shofukucho Street to buy some tissues. Then head to Bishomon Bridge and help a guitarist with his sneezing problem. As a result, you’ll become friends with him and also get a chance to become an employee at Mashima Construction.

Substory #66 – A Mother’s Love
Right at the edge of a water body, you’ll be able to observe a woman dressed in blue. She’ll ask you to find a precious piece of an item for her.

Take the nearby stairs down and grab the shiny object and bring it back to the lady. As a result, you become allies with Osakan Old.

Substory #67 – The Sharpest Blades
You need to make your way to Komian on Shofkucho Street and grab a meal. Once you’re done eating, the chef will ask you to find him a blade. This can be found by looking in the lockers riddled around the world of Yakuza. Bring it back to him to become friends with him.

Substory #68 – Overcoming Your Fears
First, trigger the quest at Sotenbori Street in Poppo. Then return after you’ve reached Chapter 4 and speak with the clerk at Poppo here. He’ll become your ally.

Chapter 3 Substories

Substory #56 In The Name of the Art
Speak with Mizuno at Iwao Bridge who’ll offer you a chance at becoming a model. Pose in certain different styles at the studio, and succeed in the fight.

If you’re successful, you get a fashionable Mobile phone and a chance at becoming an employee at Mashima Construction.

Albatross Aki Challenge
At the Golf Center, after you’ve completed the advanced version of Closet to Pin Challenge with more than 300 points, you’ll be able to take this challenge. As a reward, you’ll be given the Albatross Aki Club weapon.

Chapter 4 Substories

Substory #44 – Overwhelming Affluence
During your main story task of carrying Kaoru Sayama to Snack Aoi, you will meet a man named Shigeru Kanematsu on a street. Speak with him to get 50k Yen and he’ll challenge you to play a Virtua Fighter match in Club Sega.

Now win three matches consecutively to get 100k Yen as the reward. Continue with the quest following the map and you’ll be able to gather a Silver Dish, Strong ring, and Charismatic Photos.

Substory #45 – The Charming Councilor
Beating down the con artist across from a taxi leaves you with Professor Saeki’s Book. Making your way to the Eastern Bridge, there will be an old man there who’ll collect the book from you. Continue with the quest to receive Modified model gun before finishing the substory.

Substory #46 – That’s No Joke
You will find a man sitting on a stool in a bar, speak with him and don’t engage in the fight. Your reward will be getting a chance to become an employee at Mashima Construction.

Substory #52 – Crazy for Cathy
Just move near a black car to engage in a fight with the Yakuza members. Defeat them in order to receive 50k Yen as a reward.

Chapter 5 Substories

Substory #32 – Befriending the Barker
Overhear and interrupt the conversation between the criminals. Defeat them in a fight to become friends with the Barker.

Substory #33 – Mama under Attack
In a bar, speak with the bartender and engage in the ensuing fight. Finish it to receive a Tauriner and become friends with him. You also get a chance at becoming an employee at Mashima Construction.

Substory #34 – A Soupy Sidekick
At the first star restaurant, order everything on the menu and speak with the owner, Kyushu. This will let you become friends with him.

Substory #36 – Knee Deep in Trouble
Help a man about his troubles who you’ll find in a toilet in a local children’s park. You just need to grab a pair of pants from Don Quijote Kamurocho store and hand it to him. As a result, you establish friendly relationships with the toilet cleaning staff.

Substory #37 – A High Energy Worker
At Poppo, the store, speak with Kamoumachi to acquire his mission. You will need to spend between 50k and 100k Yen. Finish the fight and return. Completing the “A High Energy Worker” substory in Yakuza Kiwami 2 will let you become allies with the clerk.

Substory #22 – To the Dragon Palace
After helping a man fend off some thugs in Tenkaichi Alley, you’ll get access to Ryuugi castle. Here you can purchase weapons and partake in gambling.

Substory #25 – An Eye for Work
After you’ve unlocked the area in the above substory, take the elevator up and attend a spa session with Cyclops Oba. As a reward, you get a new throw move, Flattening Throw Primer.

Substory #26 – An Eye for Meat
After completing the substory above, purchase Yakiniku Bento. You can get it at Poppo W Shichifuku Street. Head back to Oba at the spa salon and engage in an intense fight. As a reward, you get a new move, Tiger Crash Primer.

Substory #27 – An Eye for Power
Return to Oba in the salon while having Stamina XX equipped to you. Defeat him in a fight once again and get the Mighty Primer move.

Substory #19 – We Are All in this Together
Speak to the men in the suits and help them retrieve the amulet. Attend the interview, and with the right dialogue options, you’ll be able to get the Japanese Diver’s Watch. You need to select the following dialogue options, in order:

  • “It’s nice to meet you!”
  • “Being a team player is important.”
  • “He really helped people get along.”
  • “It shows she’s a diligent worker.”
  • “It’s good to experience other cultures.”
  • “That’s a future-proof industry.”
  • “That’s a great workplace attitude.”
  • “I used to be in real estate.”
  • “I’m thinking of starting an orphanage.”
  • “Thank you for having us!”

Substory #42 – Kiryu the Bouncer
Make your way to the Theater and speak with the man there. After, you’ll need to head to the bar and talk to a bartender there. This will mark the end of this substory and as a result, you can now complete bouncer missions at this bar.

Substory #28 – Feel The Heat
When you’re making your way to ‘Shimogawahara’, you will encounter a man after which you’ll need to complete the training session at Champions District. As a reward, you unlock the Extreme heat mode.

Substory #29 – Komaki Fist Reversal
Get back to the Champions District and speak with Komaki to learn a new move.

Substory #30 – Komaki Firearm Flip
Get back to the Champions District and speak with Komaki to learn a new move

Substory #31 – Duel with the Monster
Get back to the Champions District and speak with Komaki. Defeat the mentor to get a Peerless Tile as a reward.

Substory #9 – An Eccentric Errand
Once a guy emails and texts you about getting a key from under the bench, at which point you need to get the Kamurocho Locker Key C1 and return to the big guy. Now head to Theater Square and find Masa by the vending machines downstairs. Beat him up and get 150k Yen as the reward.

Substory #8 – Mr. Try and Hit Me
Get an easy 30k Yen for punching a guy in the parking lot. You also get a chance at becoming the employee at Mashima Construction.

Substory #5 – Supporting Sunflower
You can choose to donate from 50k to 100k Yen to a lady beside a bike. She’ll then task you with a pet whose location will be texted to you by Haruka.

Go to the Theater Square and get the pet and bring it back to the lady. As a reward, you get a picture of Pochitaro.

Substory #6 – Renovating Sunflower
Speak to the same lady as in the above side story but this time around, offer her what she requires: 250k Yen. Soon, some people will try to rob her, tackle them and you get a Business model, Everyday renovation card. Return to the lady and you’ll get some pictures of children.

Substory #7 – Sunflower in Bloom
Head back to the lady and agree to attend a meeting in Champion District. Deal with the Yakuza members and return to the lady to get a Hand-knitted scarf, a Sunflower Amulet, Haruka’s picture, and Goldcast ‘Golden Director’.

Substory #1 – Be My Baby
Engage in a fight with the tough guys east of Kotobuki Drugs and come out successful for a chance at becoming an Employee of Mashima Construction.

Substory #2 – The Legendary Dragon
Find someone impersonating you and tail him till you reach the club. Be diplomatic or violent but make sure he never copies you again.

Substory #35 – Exhausted on the Job
At the Kamurocho Hills at the construction site, after you’ve had the fight in the arena, give a worker Staminan X. He’ll become friends with you.

Chapter 6 Substories

Substory #13 – Rags to Riches
Speak to the guy rapping right outside the Wette Kitchen; you get Michael Naoya’s Independent Production CD.

Hand the disc to a guy outside Club Sunshine and receive the Slick Fountain Pen which you’ll need to deliver to a girl at the Pawnshop. Get the Chic Boots from her.

Now you need to search for the scar after you’ve met some women at the bar. You’ll be able to trade in the scarf for the boots with a homeless man at Children’s park. All in all, you get a Swiss watch as the ultimate reward.

Substory #15 – Rising from the Shadows
At the start of chapter 6, take the erotic video from the guy near the taxi and watch the video yourself at a store. Talk with Medium about it and hand him over 100k Yen. You receive Exorcism Stone as the reward.

Substory #16 – Secret Stash
Move to the Hotel and speak with the manager. Offer him 20k Yen to get the Locker B1 Key. Collect the video from the locker and watch it. Now engage in a chase at the Cafe Alps and fight him to get 200k Yen as the reward.

Substory #17 – Beams Backroom Cache
After you’ve spoken to Mmortia in the information store, head to Theater Square where a man will inform you of a hidden cache whose password you acquire while playing the bouncer missions. Speak to the man there and offer him 50k to acquire the information and the answers that you’ll use on Beam at E Taihei Boulevard. This will unlock a secret arms dealer.

Substory #18 – Welcome to the Modern Age
After you’ve visited a man, Date, outside Smile Burger, you’ll be tasked to head to HQ where you’ll need to reach the 3rd floor. There, see how it all proceeds.

Substory #61 – An Ancient Rivalry
You’ll need to fight off a bunch of men at Eastern Sotenbori. Then you’ll need to battle against Gensho at the arena. Complete this substory to get the Muzzle throwing Kawachi move. You also get a chance at becoming the employee at Mashima Construction.

Substory #70 – What was Passed Down
Once you’ve acquired the quest by speaking with Kana in Club Four Shine, she’ll ask you to take care of the situation with Masumi. Doing so, you will be able to get the Hostess level to increase.

Substory #71 – Aika, The Party Queen
Once you’ve acquired the quest by speaking with Aika in Club Four Shine, she’ll ask you to take care of the situation with some enemies. Doing so, you will be able to get the Hostess level to increase.

Substory #69 – Operation Panty Bait
Once you’ve acquired the Operation Panty Bait quest by speaking with Koyuki in Club Four Shine. Observe which one of the guys goes for the panties. Catch him red-handed, and keep the panties for yourself. By doing so, you will be able to get the Hostess level to increase.

Substory #72 – Something Important
Once you’ve acquired the quest by speaking with Shoko in Club Four Shine. Proceed with the quest to get the Hostess level to increase.

Substory #74 – Foil the Wedding Fraud
Once you’ve acquired the quest by speaking with Kirara in Club Four Shine, she’ll ask you to take care of the situation with some guys. Don’t engage in a fight and you will be able to get the Hostess level to increase.

Substory #75 – Treat Me Right
After the New Championship Island Island’s Final Championship, you will need to complete all of the leagues in Club Sunshine and interact with everyone in the club. You receive a temporary bonus as well as a golden Kiryu statue.

Chapter 7 Substories

Substory #14 – A Whirlwind Dirt Tour
For the Whirlwind Dirt Tour quest in Yakuza Kiwami 2, go to Kanrai restaurant and look for a superstar named Yu-Jin there. He needs an escort to pass through the streets while avoiding his fans. As a reward; you get 300k Yen, Lee Ryu Jung’s bromide, and a chance of becoming an employee at the Mashima Construction.

Substory #23 – Granny in Peril
When going from Bantam to Serena, help an old woman, Hakurenji, fend off some thugs and then wait for the text on your e-mail, whenever it comes.

Finally, you will receive her message saying she is at a parking lot with some billboards. She will leave again, only to e-mail you again for the third time. This time, you will need to reach Theatre Square and defeat her apprentice. Completing the substory will earn you Scroll of Spearmanship.

FYI: If the substories involving the old lady Hakurenji, aka Granny White are not appearing, you may have to wait for her e-mail. It can even take a couple of chapters, so be prepared for whenever you get a chance to complete her substories.

Chapter 8 Substories

Substory #3 – Embracing My True Self
During nighttime, first, speak to a guy at the Star Dust club and then proceed to Earth Angel in Champion District. Now, when you make your way back to Star Dust, you’ll need to clear off some enemies to complete the substory. Your reward is a chance at becoming the employee at Mashima Construction.

Substory #11 – Smart Futures
Engage in a business discussion beside the subway station. You’ll be prompted to put forth a business proposition 500k and later 700k. Proceed forward to complete the substory. Your reward will be 300k Yen.

Substory #10 – Kamurocho Forestry Association
First, head to Gindaco Highball Tavern and speak with a guy there, he’ll direct you to Times Square. Get directions from there to move to Park Boulevard and cause some disruption in the offices there.

Chapter 9 Substories

Substory #62 – Granny’s Request I
Remember the Granny in Granny in Peril? She’s back with a text that asks you to grab some cookies from Poppo at W Shichifuku Street in Kamurocho. Your reward will be a Scroll of Golden Wall.

Substory #63 – Granny’s Request II
Soon after the first quest, you’ll receive another text, and this time, you need to grab a photo off of Yuya in Star Dust. You need to return the photo to the Granny in Sotenbori; your reward would be the scroll of Impenetrable Body.

Substory #64 – Granny’s Request III
Another text will be received by you, this time, wait for Chapter 13 when you’re able to accompany Haruka. Bring him to the Granny to complete the quest. You get Scroll of Furious Fists.

Chapter 10 Substories

Substory #48 – The Hunt for Tatsu
Speak with a guy in black on Iwao Bridge, then with another, Kinoshita. When you tackle things successfully, you will be able to unlock a weapons merchant.

Substory #54 – Clearing the Fog
Head east to Bishomon Bridge and use a taser there in a fight. You can find the item on a sidewalk. Eliminating him successfully will earn you 200k Yen.

Substory #47 – Stolen
Make your way southwest of Sotenbori in South Shofukucho. Proceed with the mission who leads you to beat up Kojima and you’ll ultimately end up in a video store.

Collect your reward which will be Locker Key J4 which will allow you access to pictures of Kojima, Miki, Yagi, Kajiwara and 150k Yen.

Substory #50 The Man Who Can’t Sing
Head to the front area of the Grand and you’ll notice a singer getting assaulted by a thug. Save the singer by taking care of this thug to complete this substory.

Substory #51 – The Woman Who Can’t Play
After completing the 50th substory, head over to the south side of Don Quijote. You’ll see a woman being assaulted by a couple of thugs. After dealing with the thugs, tell her about the other singer. You’ll be rewarded with the Patriarch’s Bowling Ball.

Substory #55 – Yakuza Sunset
To complete Yakuza Sunset in Yakuza Kiwami 2, make your way southwest of Sotenbori in South Shofukucho. After overhearing some kids, chat with a man on the bridge and then head to a video store.

Watch what he provides you, then move to the bar and choose the right dialogue options to complete the substory. You’ll get a red band as the reward and a chance at becoming the employee at Mashima Construction.

Substory #73 – Big Scoop: Yua in Love
Once you’ve acquired the quest by speaking with Yua in Club Four Shine, she’ll engage in a conversation where you’ve got to choose ‘Watch you all day.’ Beat the guy who keeps on stalking the hostess. By doing so, you will be able to get the Hostess level to increase.

Chapter 11 Substories

Substory #57 – Kazuma Kiryu, Professional Voice Actor
In a store, you’ll find a man in a grey suit. Speak with him, and the end of the ordeal, you’ll receive a cosmetic item in the form a laced suit.

Substory #49 – The Obatarian Strikes Again
This is a chance encounter at the southeast of Shofukucho Street, where you need to help a woman out to complete the quest. You get Goldcast ‘Etsuko’ as the reward.

Substory #53 – The Elusive Model 12
West of Shofukucho Street, buy a Samurai Warrior figure and hand it to the man at the store. You get 10k Yen and a Cosmic Warrior figure as the reward.

Chapter 12 Substories

Substory #4 – Rooftop Revenge
East of Shichifuku Street, you’ll see many people crowded outside a building. Speak with one of them and you complete the side quest along with Spy gloves as a reward.

Substory #12 – The Cabaret Killer
Up the Pink Street in this chapter, you’ll encounter a few women who’ll give you a simple task. Complete it to get four Heavenly Beasts bracelets.

Substory #38 – Kazuya Amon
Get done with all of the previous substories, 71 in total. Then proceed to defeat the tough boss, Amon in East Shichifuku Street. Make sure you’re resistant to Blade damage.

He’s the first of four brothers that you need to fight. You’ll fight them one after another, and each fight will serve as a separate substory.

Substory #39 – Jiro Amon
The same condition as that of ‘Kazuya Amon’, make sure you’re resistant to both Gun and stun damage for most effective results.

Substory #40 – Sango Amon
All previous substories finished, battle this guy at the Theater Square. Watch out for his explosive attacks, and perform attacks in the right window.

Substory #41 – The Ultimate Assassin
The final substory that you’ll complete a fight with Jo Amon at Millennium Tower. Use resistance against both blade and fire damage, and you’ll be able to bring him down.

You get Book of Ultimate Secrets as the reward along with another substory, Story #76 which marks the completion of all the substories in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Substory #76 – Complete the Substories Completion List
This additional substory will be created and completed once you complete all 75 substories in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

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