Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Locations Guide

Our Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Guide will tell you where all of the different keys and the safes are located. They usually found really close to each other.

Finding keys has always been a staple of the Yakuza Series and a game without looking for keys would probably not even be considered a Yakuza game. Do not worry if you cannot find a certain key though, as this Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Guide exists for a reason.

How to Find Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys

Our Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Guide will tell you where all of the different keys and the safes are located. They are usually found really close to each other and once you open the safe, you will have access to all that is inside.

There are 10 different safes in the game, and we will tell you about all of them. All of these safes will have a piece of gear which you can acquire once you get the key and open the safe. The rewards can be quite different but all of them will help you in the game in one way or the other.

Plus, in addition, we have also added a Hidden Safe along with its Secret Passcode.

The safes and the keys are quite close to each other and are usually found in the same building.

This is good since the area is quite dense and it would be very difficult to find or explain where the keys actually are. Let us go ahead and take a look at the location of the keys, safes and the rewards that you will get for opening each of the safes.

The safes can be found in Kamurocho and in Onomichi. Let us take a look at where they are one by one!


Yoshida Batting Center
The batting cages are in the north-west area of the town. Get to the location and get behind the batting cages. In the alleyway, you’ll find the safe key on the metal stairs beside the dumpster.

Head up the stairs, turn right and take the stairs to the roof. Turn right again and keep going until you’re at the edge and then turn right again to find the safe.

Content: One each of Strength, Agility, Spirit, Technique and Charm tomes.

Nakamichi Alley
The safe in Nakamichi Alley is directly in front of the Bar Makarone in the alley way. Find the key inside the building beside which lies the safe.

Get inside through the door on the front and find the key behind a couple of cardboards. Return with the key to open the safe.

Content: High-Tech Insoles

Senryo Avenue
The safe key here lies at the entrance of the Mantai building. Take the key and head to the top of the building through the stairs right there. Head out on the roof and open the safe there.

Content: Rusted Chainmail

West Taihei Boulevard
In the West Taihei, you’ll find the key at the entrance of the building with a Spunky sign above it. Take the key then get into the lift behind it to get to the second floor.

On the second floor, turn right to enter the work area where you’ll find the safe.

Content: Hunger Belt

Tenkaichi Street
Enter the building with the pink sign on it labeled Sexy Club. Collect the safe key placed on the stairs.

Now take the lift, left of the stairs to get to the fourth floor. Get into the room on the right and continue into the room at the back. The safe is placed in there.

Content: Steel Underwear

Tenkaichi Street (Hidden Safe)
In Tenkaichi Street, take an alley that goes in a U-shape behind a building. Take the log flight of stairs back there to get to the roof of the building. There, amidst a maze of cooling vents, you’ll find this hidden safe.

Secret Safe Code: KP56VFA 9MX2B7LH
Content: Rainbow Bun, ¥ 1,000,000


Jingai Ferry Dock
The key is placed on the dock just across the bridge towards the right side on the floor. Once you have the key, take to the street and start going left. You’ll find the safe outside a building just east of the Oyster Shack with the safe placed at the entrance.

Content: Fearless Binding

Just west of the Pawn Shop, you’ll find a vending machine with vertical ladder beside it. Take the ladder up to the balcony to find the key placed on a crate on the right.

Come back down to the vending machine and go directly across into the narrow gap to get to the other side of it, where the safe rests.

Content: Bloody Fundoshi

Pedestrian Bridge
At the East National Route 2, the safe lies in the building just beside the North Hana-No-Kubo. Directly across this is the Pedestrian Bridge on top of which lies the safe keys on the floor.

Content: Romance Amulet

Second Hill
At the corner of the Second Hill street, lies the safe where the vending machine is. Just across from it are a set of stone stairs leading to a closed gate. Get up there and open the mailbox in which you’ll find the keys.

Content: Bloody Binding

Central Shopping District
At the end of the Shops Alley, a ladder leads up to the roof of the covered alley of the Shopping District. Take the ladder and get to roof, turn left and go a bit ahead to find the safe key lying on the right edge of the roof.

With the key, get down the stairs and head leftwards on the Shopping District street. Get to the building of the Monero Bar and you’ll find the safe on the ground level, right behind the stairs.

Content: Stamina Belt

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