Yakuza 6 Hostess Club Guide

Our Yakuza 6 Hostess Club Guide will tell you all about how to play the hostess mini-game. We will tell you what the purpose of the game is and what do you need to do in order to excel at it.

There are quite A Few Different Mini-Games available for you to play in Yakuza 6. The Hostess mini-game is one of those games, but it can be quite difficult to play due to its expensive nature. It is best if you wait until you are in the middle stages of the game to play it, but no matter when you decide to play it, this Yakuza 6 Hostess Club Guide will be there to assist you with it.

Yakuza 6 Hostess Club

Cabaret Club or the Hostess club location in Yakuza 6 is in in central Kamurocho (Club shine). The Cabaret club is basically a mini game.

The Hostess Club is a place where you can go and talk to various different hostesses. You can play a sort of a card game with them to increase your relationship and become more intimate with them. As you do that, you can take them out and get a reward from them.

Let us go ahead and see what the recommended requirements/skills for this game are. After that, we will look at the mechanics of the game and then end with a look at the Hostess Rank and Hostess Affection.

Best Skills and Equipment

There are certain skills that you can get which will definitely make life easier for you at the Hostess Club. The first skill is the ‘Ladies’ Man’ skill which allows you to be smoother when taking with the ladies at the Hostess Club.

Another skill that you can get is the ‘Art of Conversation’. This skill will make all of the cards that are in the game available to you from the start.

Preferably all the Topic cards are most appropriate to be used and get the best out of the conversations. It will have a great impact on relationship you build with the hostess.

The hostesses also happen to like alcohol which increases the affection level too. So the most appropriate choice would be Hakushu 12 year old items that cost 15,000 Yen.

As far as the equipment is concerned, there are two items that you can get. One of them is the ‘RISINGWAVE Zero Black’ which will increase the Hostess Affection rate by 5% and the other one is the ‘Romance Amulet’ which has a similar effect.

How does The Hostess Club Work

You are allowed to swap your cards once every turn. Its replacement will be selected at random. If you are just starting out, then it is best to go with the safer and the professional talking points at first.

As your rank increases, you can get more intimate with them. This is considered a risky move but you will be able to get an Affection Boost if you manage to time your cards right.

It is possible to repeat topics that have given you a boost in the past and think long and hard about the questions that you are asked since the correct answer will give you quite a massive boost.

After that, select similar cards from the category, as they will become a combo. It is best to swap out all of the cards that do not fit in with the topics of your conversation, as you will be able to get cards that are used to boost affection.

In order to easily increase the rank of your hostess, you can spend a lot of money on the food and the drinks which are the most expensive. However, do not do this if the affection meter is already above 65 percent. If you have maxed out your affection meter, you can end the conversation early.

Hostess Rank and Affection

In order to build up your rank and affection with a certain hostess, you need to keep on visiting the club and talking to her. Try to build your affection meter as high as you possibly can on each visit.

Once you get to the gold rank with a certain hostess, you will get her business card and you will be able to take her out for drinks. After this, you can go play games with her such as karaoke and darts.

Doing well on these games will get you a higher rank. If you do manage to get to the diamond rank, you will go on a date with your hostess and a story will begin with her.

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