Yakuza 6 Mini Games Guide

Our Yakuza 6 Mini Games Guide will tell you about all of the different Mini Games available in the game. It will tell you what the Mini Games are and where you can find them.

Games usually have quite a few sidequests and Yakuza 6 has its very own mini games that you can play for fun or to get certain rewards which are unattainable otherwise. Finding these mini games and understanding them can be quite a hassle, but this Yakuza 6 Mini Games Guide has got you covered.

Yakuza 6 Mini Games

Mini games in Yakuza 6 are exactly what you might think upon hearing the term. They are a way for you to do something that is not directly related to the Main Storyline and have some fun.

These mini games range from searching for lost cats all the way to chatting up some live streamers.

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the mini-games that are available to you, see where you can find them, and what do you need to do in order to win at those games.

Kamurocho Mini Games Locations

Mini Games Where to Find, How to Play
Karaoke Karaoke is found in Karaokekan and you need to press the buttons that appear on the screen to win.
Batting Find Batting at the Yoshida Batting Centre. You can practice your baseball skills in either the Homerun mode or the Challenger mode.
Chat Rooms Chat Rooms allow you to chat with one of the two live actresses who will reveal more of themselves to you if you play your cards right. Keep on chatting with the same woman again and again to unlock a hidden scene. The location of the chat rooms is the Mantai Internet Café.
Club Sega Visit this at the Nakamichi St. in Theatre Square to play old retro Sega games.
Nyan Nyan Café You need to find and feet certain cats and then bring them back to the aforementioned café. Once you have bought them back, you can pet them.
Darts Found in Club Sega Theatre Square in Bantam, you can go here to play darts and face various different opponents.
Gym Found in Rizap, you can train and eat a chosen dish. You will get experience by going to the gym and doing various different tasks.
Mahjong Found in Lullaby Mahjong, Modern Mahjong, you have to learn to play Mahjong first. Once you have learned, compete in tournaments to face opponents who are difficult to beat.
Cabaret Club Found in Club Shine, Central Kamurocho. You have to impress girls with your behavior and attitude.

Onomichi Mini Games Locations

Mini Games Where to Find, How to Play
Shrines Choose a shrine at the Ryunan Shrine Jizo Statues and donate it to get a bonus.
Senkoji Fortune Box You can get a lottery ticket from Senkoji. If you win, you get a bonus for a short period of time.
Spearfishing You go to hunt sea animals. You can get both fish and treasure chests along with a boss encounter. This mini game is available at the Jingai ferry dock.
Baseball You take a part in the baseball games. You can be a captain and sometimes a hitter. You can use a taxi to start this game and it will take a long time to end this game.
Drinking Going to New Gaudi will allow you to socialize with your clients and build rapport with them.
Calming Haruto You need to hug Haruto whenever he cries. This is a story mini game.
New Gaudi Found in eastern edge of Onomichi, south of the National Route. You have to befriend 5 bar patrons and the barkeeper.

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