Yakuza 6 Accidentally Released For Free On North America Playstation Store

Just some hours after the dome for Yakuza 6 has been made available on PlayStation 4, Sega is pulling it back due to an issue causing the game to be fully unlocked, as a free copy. What happened though?

Players that were lucky enough to download the Yakuza 6 demo as soon as it was released, we faced with over 30GB of downloaded files. This practically means that you download the game and are able to play just a small portion of it. Then if you want to continue playing, you can purchase an unlock code. This isn’t the case though.

As it seems, players were able to continue playing way beyond the demo time and gaining achievements, just like as they could if they owned the game. It was not long before Sega realized the problem and pulled the demo from the North American Store, where the issue was found. They also took the matter to Twitter saying the following:

We apologize but have had to remove the Yakuza 6: The Song of Life demo from the PlayStation Store. We are as upset as you are, and had hoped to have this demo available for everyone today. We discovered that some were able to use the demo to unlock the full game.

We’re looking into the nature of the issue. Thank you for your patience.

We still don’t know what will happen to all those free versions of the game being available out there, however, Sega will be probably already looking into fixing the demo version of Yakuza 6 as well as remove the existing versions of it. As with its older Japanese version, the demo includes the first half of the first chapter of the main story. Also, there will be some limits to the character progression and the side activities.

Yakuza 6 was originally expected to launch in North America on March 2010, 2018, exclusively on PlayStation 4, with the release being pushed to April 17th. Not only this SEGA has also announced a premium After Hours version. This collector’s edition will cost $89.99 and will include a slew of content like an art book, bar glasses and more.

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