Xenoblade Chronicles X Took a U-Turn in Development; Story, Characters, World Included

New details have surfaced that show how Xenoblade Chronicles X was totally redone after 50 percent development; characters, story, world everything changed.

An amazing effort, Xenoblade Chronicles X certainly deserves more than it has gotten and so does Monolith Soft for the hard work they have put into making this Wii U exclusive a world class JRPG. However, did you know that the game literally took a u-turn midway through the development phase?

According to newly revealed details, the game might not have been anything like the final product that was released in April.

It was going to focus on pre-made characters instead of avatars and was not going to have an online multiplayer element! However, when the developers were at about 50 percent in development, they decided to completely rewrite the story and remake the world as well as introduce a new setting.

Apart from all that, the major change was how the characters work since they were nothing like the avatars we have now.

Thanks to an artbook released in Japan called the Art of Mira, we have found out that originally, the game was going to focus on a 25 year old protagonist who would be accompanied by two other characters, an old man and a girl named Reina Sakuraba. Even Selick had a much larger role to play in the game. Emily and Neynal were also going to be two other major characters.

What’s more, it was going to be set in a New Tokyo instead of Los Angeles; the artbook has also revealed a number of locations that were going to be a part of the game.

We have added images showing off the characters and other aspects of the original Xenoblade Chronicles X below, it has a lot more to offer about the original version of the game.

Aren’t you glad they rethought what the game should look like?

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