Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell License Exams Guide

Skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X are huge robotic mechs that your character mounts into and uses for battle.

They are pretty awesome – not just for battles but also for traveling. However, you won’t be using a Skell from the start, and will not be awarded with one unless you progress to a certain level of the game and take a set of time-consuming exams.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell License Exams

Our guide will cover the Skell License Exams which needs to be taken in order to acquire your own Skell.

Taking the Skell License Exams

In order to take the License Exam, you’ll first have to finish Chapter 6 of the main story. You’ll be able to approach Vandhalm to apply for a license to pilot a Skell after doing so.

The License Exam will actually be a set of missions you have to complete, and there are those for every single division of the BLADE.

There are eight proficiency exams in total. Here they are:

Exam 1 – Pathfinders
This is the exam from the Pathfinders. Your objective is to install a data probe at FrontierNav Site 117 in Primordia.

Site 117 is located directly northeast from New Los Angeles, and you’ll only really need a level 1 Mechanical field skill to do so.

Exam 2 – Interceptors
This exam is from the Interceptors. The objective is to defeat 12 blitz blattas in Noctilum. This is pretty easy, as the minimap will point you to several locations where you can fight the blitz blattas here.

Exam 3 – Harriers
This proficiency exam is from the Harriers. You’ll need to defeat Shatskik the Flash in Primordia’s Northpoints Cove.

Shatskik has a rare appearance, so you may need to travel in and out of the location (ideally through fast-travel) to get him to appear.

Follow the mini-map and await the arrival. Shatskik is a level 25 tyrant, so you’ll need to be well-prepared for the battle in order to take him out.

Exam 4 – Reclaimers
This is the proficiency exam from the Reclaimers. You’ll need to obtain the solar starship map in Noctlium’s Humdrum Peaks. This is a pretty easy mission which only really requires following the mini-map and Follow Ball.

Exam 5 – Curators
This is a collectibles exam from the Curators. You’ll have three objectives t complete:

  • Gather 8 rock armadillos in Noctilum
  • Acquire 3 beagflea squashes in Oblivia
  • Gather 6 multi-speckled ladybugs in Primordia

Exam 6 – Prospectors
This exam from the Prospectors will task you to use FrontierNav to earn over 15,000 credits in a single return. You’ll need to be very thorough and optimal in placing research probes in order to do so.

Exam 7 – Outfitters
The Outfitters exam will have you acquiring some weapons to test in the field. You need to obtain the examination weapon from Tauler on Division Drive in the Administrative District.

You’ll find him right around the corner from the arms manufacturers’ terminal. Acquire all three weapons from him, then equip the one of three. You need to defeat 3 giant grexes with either one of the weapons to complete this task.

The Biahno Hills and River are a good place for finding them.

Exam 8 – Mediators
This is the proficiency exam from the Mediators. There are three missions associated with this quest, out of which only one needs to be completed. All three are located in New Los Angeles.

  • The Handy Ma-non
  • The Pip-Squek
  • That’s In-Credible!

Pick the one you feel most comfortable and confident doing, then simply get the task done. It shouldn’t take too much from you to carry out these missions.

Once you’ve finished all 8 Proficiency Exams, talk to Walter in the Hangar in the Administrative District. He’ll give you access to your very own Skell.

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