Monolith Soft Seems Interested In Developing A Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Switch Port

Fans of the Xenoblade franchise might be in for a treat as the head of Monolith Soft. Tetsuya Takahashi has expressed interest in creating a Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Switch port.

Despite not being a smash hit due to the small user base of WiiU console, Xenoblade Chronicles X was not only met with good critic reviews but was liked by fans of the franchise as it was a breath of fresh air with a new and unique gameplay system.

During a recent interview, Tetsuya mentioned that he would love to think about creating a Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Switch port once the development on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been completed.

While this in no way means a Nintendo Switch version of the game is coming, there is still hope that one day it might be possible to enjoy the game on newer hardware. There were earlier reports that a Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Switch port might be in works but late last year, those reports were quashed and it seemed as if Monolith would not be working on a port of the game, even if it happens.

Apparently, Monolith had been busy working on something else for 2018. The reports suggested that some other studio would work on the Nintendo Switch port but no mention of which studio it would be. Judging by those reports and Takahashi’s comments, it seems like there is currently no studio working on such a port and it is possible that the main developers will pick up the mantle themselves.

Despite Xenoblade Chronicles 2 scheduled for a release this year, there is no doubt that fans of the franchise would definitely be interested in revisiting an older game.


While there is no fixed release date of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it might even get delayed, most reports suggest the game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch sometime in Autumn.

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