Xenoblade Chronicles X Multiplayer Features Guide

The multiplayer game mode is one of the core features of Xenoblade Chronicles X. it’s a unique full-fledged experience consisting of lobby-based quests that every player of the game should enjoy.

The following guide will discuss all the core aspects of the Xenoblade Chronicles X multiplayer experience, which are Squads, Squad Tasks, Squad Missions, Divisions, and the Global Nemesis

How to Play Multiplayer in Xenoblade Chronicles X

To unlock Multiplayer Features in Xenoblade Chronicles X, you must first complete chapter 3 of the campaign playthrough. After multiplayer playability is finally unlocked, you must establish a stable internet connection for your Wii U device.

The first thing that you are then asked in-game is to join a squad before you can start your online session.


Once you have access to online functionality, the first thing you can do is choose a squad whenever you start a session. Squads are essentially your own set of preferences for a given online session. There are three types of Squads you can select:

Lifehold Squads

Lifehold squads are ideal if you want to keep to yourself for a given online session. This will give you access to all the multiplayer, online-based elements; however, you won’t be able to interact with other players.

Conquest Squads

Conquest Squads is the way to go if you focus on completing squad tasks and missions with other human players. You’ll join a lobby of 32 random players with the same cause.

Friend Squads

If you have a set of friends you want to play multiplayer with, this is the option for you. It will allow you to choose to join whatever squad your friends are in.

Squad members can send messages to each other that every member can view; this is particularly useful when indicating new places and tasks for your team.

You can turn off the option that allows your squad members to view your achievements, which is on by default.

Scouts are NPC squad members that can be recruited for a limited amount of time from in-game currency. You can also select the level and class of the scout in the blade console.

The treasure deal option allows you to give away unwanted rewards to your squad members through a random roll.

You’ll simply need to quit the game and select a different squad when you restart to change a squad.

Squad Tasks

Squad tasks are essentially global objectives that need to be completed. You’ll often see a running tally of global objectives on the bottom right of your screen.

There are plenty of them, and they will constantly be appearing. Hold R and Press L to go through all the tasks.

If you complete these Squad Tasks, they’ll unlock co-op squad missions in the BLADE Barracks. This is where the tangible rewards come from, as they reward you tickets that can be used for buying materials from the Network Console, as well as BLADE medals, which you need to get to participate in special squad missions.

Squad Missions

Squad Missions are unlocked as you finish Squad Tasks. You’ll need to head to the Network Console in the BLADE Barracks to find out which squad missions you’ve unlocked.

Squad missions are special quests you can take with up to four players. They reward you with money, experience, reward tickets, and battle points, so it’s always beneficial to do so.

Once a member completes a mission, it becomes unavailable to do anymore. You must be quick to play these missions to have a better chance at completion.

Time Attack missions allow you to face off against the campaign mode bosses you have already defeated. This is a race against time with other players, the player with the best time completes the mission.

Players must acquire specific levels for certain missions before accessing them. There are also level caps, so players of too high a level are synced to a lower level, so the mission isn’t too easy


Each Division has its specific level and daily Rewards equivalent to the Division’s level. You get a higher number of rewards to choose from if the level of the Division is higher.

Completing the tasks which you Division specializes in will help boost rewards.

Global Nemesis

Global Nemesis is a formidable boss that you encounter once the conquest progress bar is filled, though some may even spawn regularly.

In these battles, the whole squad will face off against the Global Nemesis and attack it to drop its RP Gauge.

Depleting its HP bar will also drop its RP gauge; once it hits zero, the boss is defeated.

Ideally, you would like multiple teams to target the Global Nemesis until it’s taken down.

The appendages and rewards for defeating the Global Nemesis are beyond awesome, but doing so does cost BLADE medals, so make sure you’re prepared for a fight.

The rewards from Global Nemesis become greater the more you kill it, so make sure you’re taking your opportunities.

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