Xenoblade Chronicles 3 War Medic Guide

As you progress through Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you’ll unlock more and more Classes to use with your Heroes. There are all sorts of Classes in the game, some give priority to Attack, some to Defense, and some to Healing. The War Medic Class is one of the Healing Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Although lacking a lot in attacking power and defense, the War Medic Class gives extraordinary support to its allies by Healing them consistently throughout the battle.

The first character that would have the default War Medic class would be Valdi, unlocking the Valdi character would unlock the War Medic class for you to use.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at everything there is to know about the War Medic Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Unlock The War Medic

In order to unlock the War Medic Class, you’ll have to complete the “The Kind Right Hand” Hero Quest. This is Valdi’s Hero Quest, which, upon completing, would unlock him to add to your arsenal as well as the War Medic Class to use for your own main Heroes.

Although Hero Quests are first introduced in the game in Chapter 2, Valdi’s Hero Quest Would Unlock somewhere in Chapter 3 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The Quest would appear as part of the main story as you progress through Chapter 3, during which Valdi would assist you himself.

Though this Hero Quest may be a long one, the rewards are definitely worth it.

To complete “The Kind Right Hand” Hero Quest, you’ll first have to eliminate three Mystery Keves Soldiers at Elsie’s Spout. After that, a bunch of yellow markers should appear on your map.

These markers indicate the location of the parts you need to make a Mini-Levnis. Once you collect all the parts, Valdi would create a Mini-Levnis that would guide you to Colony 30, where the consul would use them to attack you.

The final part of the Hero Quest would be to defeat the Levins, after which the quest would be complete and Valdi would be unlocked, along with the War Medic Class to use on your characters.

Best War Medic Characters

There are two characters that rank at the top when we talk about the War Medic Class – Taion and Eunie. Of these two, Eunie has a higher Healing Power Stat while Taion has a higher Class Rating.

Class rating is the rate at which a particular Character ranks up a particular Class. So although Taion might have a lower Healing Power Stat, he would be able to rank up the Class much faster than Eunie.

Best War Medic Arts

Since the War Medic is a healing Class, the best Arts to use for this particular class would be the ones that best support their teammates.

Art Attack Type Targets Effect
Advanced Cooldown Targeted Field Specified area around the user A small range of effect
Multi Blast Ether Single Heals all nearby allies upon use of the Art, to a maximum of 100% healing power
Cure Bullet Debuff Clarity Specified area around the user None

Best War Medic Master Skills

Skill Effect Class Rank
Ethereal Ability Increases the damage output of ether Arts by 30% Rank 5 Tactician
Ninja Healer Decreases the amount of Aggro caused by healing Arts by 30% Rank 5 Medic Gunner

Best War Medic Accessories

The two best Accessories to use with the War Medic class are the Friendship Ring and the Harvest Neckless respectively. The former reduces the amount of Aggro caused by Healing Arts while the latter increases the amount of HP healed of your allies.

Since healing arts have a tendency to increase Aggro values, it’s better to use any abilities we can to make them less of a target for enemies, like the Friendship Ring Accessory or the Ninja Healer Master Skill.

A general increase to their already existing abilities i.e. healing is always beneficial for War Medic as it further increases their efficiency.

Best Gems For War Medic

The two best Gems to use with the War Medic Class are the Refined Blessing and the Swelling Blessing Gems.

These two gems not only further improve the healing prowess of a War Medic but also improves its ability to buff or debuff its allies.

War Medic Arts List

Talent Art Attack Type Targets Effect Recharge Type
Technical Heal Healing All Allies N/A Role Action Recharge
Combat Art Attack Type Target Effect Buff/Debuff Power Multiplier Recharge Type Recharge Gauge
Trickshot Ether Single Heals nearby allies to a maximum of 100% Healing Power N/A 260% Time 26s
Multi Blast Ether Single Heals nearby allies to a maximum of 100% N/A 200% Time 30s
Surprise Beat Physical Single Increases damage dealt to Machines by 100% Attack Down 360% Time 26s
Cure Bullet Clear Debuff An area around the user N/A Debuff Barrier 0% Time 40s
Heal Bullet Healing An area around the user N/A N/A 150% Time 17s
Vital Bullet Buff An area around the user N/A Delayed Healing 0% Time 30s
Hyper Reload Set Field An area around the user Medium Field Range of effect Defense Up 0% Time 14s
Advanced Cooldown Set Field An area around the user Small Field Range of effect Defense Up 0% Time 16s
Master Art Rank Mastered
Technical Heal 1
Multi Blast 10
Advanced Cooldown 20

War Medic Skills List

Class Skill Effect
Recovery Engine Removing Allies’ debuffs increases the unit’s healing by 30% to a maximum of 150%
Antibody System Decreases the duration of debuffs on oneself by 30%
Healing License Boosts the amount of HP healed from using healing Arts by 20%
Rescue License Increases the amount of HP restored of an Ally when reviving them by 20%
Master Skill Rank Mastered
Healing License 5
Antibody System 15

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