Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Theoretical Knowledge Taion’s Quiz Answers

After Chapter 3 of XC3, when you have received your first hero, you will then head to Colony Gamma and...

After Chapter 3 of XC3, when you have received your first hero, you will then head to Colony Gamma and start your quest “Going Beyond Power” to recruit Teach. Once you have recruited Teach, you will be yet again introduced to another quest, “Teach’s Teacher.” Halfway through the questline, you will be introduced to a sub-quest, “Theoretical Knowledge.” This guide will break down what to expect in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Theoretical Knowledge and how to complete the quest.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Theoretical Knowledge

In the sub-quest “Theoretical Knowledge,” Taion will roam around in Colony Gamma, asking some questions as a test from the residents. Noah decides to take part in the test as well.

You will then get two sets of questions out of which you will have to answer 5 of them correctly. While the questions are somewhat random, below we have mentioned the questions that you will be asked by Taion and their proper answers.

Before speaking to Taion, make sure to save your game in case you end up answering the questions wrong. This will allow you to retake the test and win it with ease.

First Set of Questions for Taion’s Quiz

Question: Which one of these is not a benefit of inflicting Daze?

Answer: All allies recover HP

Question: Which of these combo routes is wrong?

Answer: Beguiling Charms

Question: What name is given to class-specific techniques?

Answer: Talent Arts

Question: Which Attacks weaken the enemy?

Answer: Debuffs

Question: What happens to some enemies when they’re in trouble?

Answer: They get enraged.

Question: Whose Role is it to attract the enemy’s attention?

Answer: Defenders

Question: What should an Attacker typically do if targeted by the enemy?

Answer: Pull Back

Question: What is the most important component of a Chain Attack

Answer: The balance of roles

Second Set of Questions for Taion’s Quiz

Question: Who led their colony to victory over colonies simultaneously?

Answer: Ethel

Question: Which statement about the Flame Clocks in the Iris is correct?

Answer: In Keves it’s the right eye, Agnus, the left

Question: What’s the highest rank in a colony?

Answer: Commander

Question: What equipment is exclusive to Kevesi Soldier?

Answer: Power Frame

Question: What does Black Fog Cause?

Answer: Annihilation event

Question: What is the name of the desert in the Fornis region?

Answer: Dannagh Desert

Question: What colony rank comes after copper?

Answer: Iron

Question: Where did Colony Sigma and Colony 9 fight?

Answer: Everblight Plain

Question: What is the name of the jewel that can be mined in the Aetia region

Answer: Delicate Bell

After you have won the quiz, you will receive a result card saying “Noah won against Zakir, but the result isn’t what matter, it’s what’s learned along the way. Keep up the good work to win the newbies’ trust!”

You will also be rewarded with

  • 1160 EXP
  • 1410 G
  • 3 SP
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