Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Royal Summoner Guide

Royal Summoner is one of the 12 Attacker Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it serves as Melia’s starting class....

Royal Summoner is one of the 12 Attacker Classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it serves as Melia’s starting class. Not only does the Royal Summoner class have very high damage potential, it also comes with great utility.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Royal Summoner class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we’ve prepared this guide for you, where we’ll be showing you all the information you need to know about the Royal Summoner in XC3.

How to Unlock Royal Summoner

Since the Royal Summoner is the starting class of Melia, the only way to unlock this class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is to complete Melia’s Hero Quest.

Unfortunately, Melia’s Hero Quest can only be completed once you’ve finished the main story of the game. This means that the Royal Summoner class will be unavailable throughout the main story of Xenoblade 3.

Once you’ve finished the main story of the game, unlocking the Royal Summoner class is super easy to do. Head back to the first floor of the Keves Castle and you’ll see a marker on your map for a quest-related event.

Head to the marker and you’ll find Melia. And after a long cutscene, Melia and the Royal Summoner class will be unlocked for you in XC3.

Best Royal Summoner Characters

The best character for the Royal Summoner class is, of course, Melia (since this is her starting class). But other than Melia, the two best characters to use with the Royal Summoner class in XC3 are Taion and Noah.

Most of the attacks of the Royal Summoner class are Ether-based, so Taion works flawlessly with this class. This is because the starting class of Taion is a Healer type, so he can take full benefit of the Ether-based attacks of the Royal Summoner class.

On the other hand, Noah’s starting class is an Attacker type, so he’ll be able to maximize the damage potential of the Royal Summoner class.

Best Royal Summoner Arts

The Royal Summoner class in Xenoblade 3 offers players a large catalog of Arts to choose from. But if you want to take this class to its highest potential, you need to choose the best Arts for it.

To help you out with that, below we’ve listed down the best Combat and Master Arts for the Royal Summoner class in XC3.

Combat Arts

For the Combat Arts, you need to select the Arts which synergize together to deal the highest amount of damage possible. For that, the best choices are listed below.

  • Elemental Discharge
  • Summon Element
  • Starfall

Elemental Discharge and Summon Element synergize perfectly together. The former is an AoE attack while the latter is a single-target attack.

Summon Element will deal damage and spawn elements while Elemental Discharge will boost the element’s damage 50%. These two attacks will allow you to continuously improve your damage output as the battle goes on.

For the third Combat Art, we’ve gone with Starfall. Not only does this single-target attack deal loads of damage, but it also has a chance to topple enemies.

Master Arts

For the Master Arts, you’re looking to pick ones that grant your Royal Summoner the most useful utility. For this purpose, below we’ve listed down the three best Master Arts for the Royal Summoner class in XC3.

Glitter Stream – Inflicts Break

Overfall – Decreases Ether Defense of target

Maximum Voltage – Increases Attack damage and is unblockable

Glitter Stream allows your Royal Summoner to inflict Break on the target, which is a very useful debuff.

Overfall decreases the Ether Defense of the target, which is perfect for the Royal Sumomner class since most of its attacks are Ether-based.

And finally, Maximum Voltage allows you to get guaranteed hits on the enemies due to its unblockable feature.

Best Royal Summoner Master Skills

The three best Master Skills for the Royal Summoner class in Xenoblade 3 are listed below.

Covert Attack – Decreases the amount of enemy aggro created by your attacks by 20%

Dynamite Spirit – Increases damage by Ether-based Arts by 30%

Ethereal Ability – When health is at 90% or more, damage is increased by 20%

Covert Attack is an extremely useful Master Skill as it saves your Royal Summoner from being overwhelmed by hordes of enemies. The reduced aggro will allow you to focus on small groups of enemies at a time.

Dynamite Spirit and Ethereal Ability will synergize together to significantly increase your damage output.

Best Royal Summoner Accessories

Accessories are an important but often overlooked part of your class builds. The two best accessories for the Royal Summoner class are listed below.

Gold Necklace – Decreases enemy aggro when your character is auto-attacking

Wind Bracelet – Recharges your Master Arts quicker

The Gold Necklace will work in sync with the Cover Attack skill to decrease enemy aggro, allowing you to focus on the enemies that you actually want to focus on.

The faster Master Art recharge rate you gain from the Wind Bracelet will be incredibly helpful during battle.

Best Royal Summoner Gems

The best Gems to use with the Royal Summoner class are listed below.

Steelcleaver – Enhances Attack damage

Disperse Bloodlust – When using Arts, enemy aggro is decreased

Accurate Grace – Enhances Dexterity

Increased Attack and Dexterity is always welcomed when you’re using an Attack type class like the Royal Summoner. And the reduced aggro from Disperse Bloodlust will further increase your survivability and self-sufficiency in the battlefield.

Royal Summoner Arts List

Talent Art

Element Genesis – This Talent Art boosts your Attack and discharges all Elements while you’re using it

Combat Arts

Power Effect – Increases damage by 80% but also increases the damage you take by 40%

Elemental Discharge – Boosts Element’s Damage by 50%.

Shadow Stich – When striking a target from behind, this Art inflicts Bind

Summon Element – No Effect

Starfall – No Effect

Master Arts

Elemental Discharge – Rank 10

Summon Element – Rank 1

Royal Summoner Skills List

Class Skills

Elemental Boost – When unleashing Elements, this skill boosts damage by 20% (up to 400%)

Here Shall I Stand – Enhances Elemental Buffs by 30% and Elemental Damage by 60%

Essence of Ether – Increases attack of teammates by 20% and decreases Guard Rate of opponents by 5%

Fortified Ether Guard – Increases Ether Defense by 10%

Master Skills

Essence of Ether – Rank 5

Fortified Ether Guard – Rank 15