Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Monsters Type Guide

If you are returning from any previous games in the Xenoblade franchise, you will be expecting the new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to feature some new monster types. XC3 might, in fact, have more monster fights than ever since you will practically be battling them after every few minutes.

The following guide will, hence, point out all the monster types in Xenoblade Chronicles, so that you have a better understanding of what you are getting into.

All Monster Types In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are four types of monsters in Xenoblade 3. You can identify their type from the icon present on the top-left of their names. The more you play and battle, the more you will become familiar with the attacks and rewards of each monster type.

Normal Monster
The normal type is the most basic one in the game and hence, the easiest to take down. You only need to have the same level as them.

Normal monsters are also the only type without any colored cues over their heads.

Elite Monster
When you have made enough progression, you will start encountering elite monsters in the game. Compared to the normal monsters, the elite type is tougher and stronger. Their attacks will hurt more and you will have to do more damage to take them down.

Elite monsters can be recognized by a blue-colored icon over their heads.

Unique Monster
The real challenge will begin when you face a unique monster for the first time. Unlike the previous two types, unique monsters actually require you to have a battle strategy on hand. Their attacks do a lot of damage and suffice to say, they tend to surprise unprepared players.

You can recognize unique monsters by the orange-colored icon over their heads.

Lucky Monster
These gleaming creatures will have a glimmer over their heads, indicating that they are lucky monsters. They are actually not that tough and fall somewhere between normal and elite monsters.

They are, however, extremely rare because lucky monsters drop significantly greater rewards. Consider them a bonus encounter.

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