Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems to Craft

This guide will you tell you everything about Gem Crafting along with which are the best gems that you can craft in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Ability-enhancing items quickly attract the attention of a player because who doesn’t want a free boost just by spending some resources. Xenoblade Chronicles knows that and is using it to their advantage by introducing Gem Crafting and this guide will you tell you everything about Gem Crafting along with which are the best gems that you can craft in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Craft Gems

Xenoblade Chronicles franchise introduced the Gem Crafting mechanic where you can refine Cylindrical and Crystalized Ether into gems and these gems will enhance a character’s abilities in a battle.

Gem Crafting in Xenoblade 3 is introduced in chapter 2 of the main campaign and in the start, every character will have only 1 gem slot and as you upgrade your character, more gem slots will unlock particularly 2 at level 20 and 3 at level 30.

Gem Crafting will be unlocked once you recruit Riku in your party in XC3 who is also a playable hero. You will need the following items to upgrade a gem.

  • Gemstone
  • Ether Cylinder (for crafting above level 1)
  • 2 or more crystals of the same rank
  • Crafting Materials

It needs to be noted that you can only combine gems of the same rank, and no two gems of different rank can be combined together regardless of the level. Every gem can be upgraded to the max level 10.

Once you have all the required material, approach Riku at any resting spot and you can craft or upgrade any gem you like. If you don’t have the necessary material, you can also use Gold Nopon Coins, which will cost you actual money.

The good thing about a gem is that the same gem can be equipped on multiple characters for example, your whole party can equip the same gem if you want.

Best Gems to Craft in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Gems in XC3 are divided into four categories with each category representing a specific class of ability boost.

  • Attacker
  • Defender
  • Healer
  • Utility

Below we have listed all possible gems in Xenoblade 3 along with their ability at the base level.


Gem Ability
Steelcleaver +20 Attack
Accurate Grace +20 Dexterity
Analyze Weakness +20% Critical Damage Bonus
Swelling Scourge +25% Debuff Power on Enemies
Refined Incantation +25% Debuff Timer on Enemies


Gem Ability
Tailwind +20 Agility
Steel Protection +5% Block Rate
Ultimate Counter Gives Back 80% of Attack Damage
Brimming Spirit +20% Aggro when using Art
Perilous Presence Aggro Boost at the start of battle


Gem Ability
Lifebearer +20 Healing
Soothing Breath +5 Healing, +20% Extra HP when reviving an incapacitated ally
Life Saving Expertise +5 Healing, -20% Ally Revival Time
Swelling Blessing +25% Self-Issued Debuff Power
Refined Blessing +25% Buff Time for Allies


Gem Ability
Ironclad +100 Max HP
Steady Striker -15% Auto-Attack Interval
Doublestrike +15% Chances of Double Auto-Attack
Empowered Combo +25% Boost Damage while Canceling
Disperse Bloodlust -20% Aggro when using Art

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