Where To Find Fleshy Blant Petals In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are a ton of resources scattered all over the map in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that you need to find and collect for crafting and upgrading. Fleshy Blant Petals, in this case, are required for both purposes: to craft gems and to upgrade equipment.

Hence, it goes without saying that Fleshy Blant Petals are one of the more important resource materials to find in Xenoblade 3. That is probably why they can be a bit difficult to locate.

The following guide will help you find all the Fleshy Blant Petals you need in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How To Get Fleshy Blant Petals In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You get Fleshy Blant Petals from Zinnia Blants, which is a gigantic purple-colored plant (or flower) in the Aetia region. You can specifically find Zinnia Blants to the northeast of the region, near the Gamma Colony.

Note that Zinnia Blants are mostly always found around water. While the area near the Gamma Colony has a good amount of Zinnia Blants, if you decide to stray further away in search of more Fleshy Blant Petals, just make sure to search near the pools.

There is a little chance that Zinnia Blants drop Fleshy Blant Petals during battles, but they do drop a handful of Blant Petals after being defeated. You can also loot seeds and other materials from them.

Since there are a number of them in this area, you can make this your farming spot to gather as many Fleshy Blant Petals as you want or need.

Once you have defeated all the Zinnia Blants in the area, head back to a rest point to start crafting or upgrading. Then simply return to find all of the Zinnia Blants respawned. Keep using Skip Travel to ensure that you always have a healthy stream of Fleshy Blant Petals in your inventory.

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