Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Tranquility Side Quest Guide

This guide talks about the location, gameplay elements, and rewards of the Tranquility side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Tranquility is one of the many Side Quests players can complete in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The task is simple up to the point where you must locate the Golden Bracer, which is fairly elusive. Gathering salty soil, gromrice, Ruby mangosteen, seeing Vess at her home in Gormott’s Tretl Windmill Plaza, speaking with Dward at Saets Lumber Co., etc., are the main goals of this mission.

The location, gameplay elements, and rewards of this side mission will all be covered in detail in this guide. However, the rewards undeniably are the most intriguing to explore.

Tranquility Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Speaking with Vess is crucial to start with this quest. After the story’s events in the Kingdom of Uraya, return to Gormott and speak with Vess in the marketplace by Torigoth Arch.

But conversing with Vess is not that easy. To play Tranquility, you must first locate Vess. You can find Vess and a man on the porch of her home if you travel towards the Tretl Windmill Plaza and along the path beside the bridge. She won’t show up until after noon in-game time, so adjust the time if you don’t see her mission marker.

Tranquility Side Quest Walkthrough

Gathering Ingredients

5 Salty Soil, 8 Gromrice, and 5 Ruby Mangosteens are what Vess will request. You must travel to Uraya and stop at various locations to obtain the three elements.

  • 8x Gromrice: They are located close to the main entrance of Garfont village.
  • Greatmaw Rapids is where you can get the 5x Ruby Mangosteen fruit.
  • Olethro Playhouse is where you may locate the 5x Salty Soil.

All of these collectibles can be discovered in collection locations across Uraya. The place where Gromrice can be found is Garfont Village. After you return and give Vess the items, she will extend an invitation to supper.

Get Snacks for Vess and Mabon

After finding all the ingredients, the next step is to obtain the Fruity Rice. Completing the Merc Group Mission – Long Awaited Work is mandatory to obtain it.

This will be opened exactly after you reach Argentum level 1. It just takes 40 minutes altogether to finish. However, the requirements are 1x Blade equipped with Megalance and another with Bitball.

Fruity Rice Contract will be successfully awarded to you as soon as you complete the Merc Group Job. When you have the contract, don’t forget to visit the Argentum Trade Guild’s Honeycomb Sweets store and get yourself a Fruity Rice Ball.

Once you get the Rice ball, visit Shellbrow Wagon and get the Bitter Choclit. After having 1 extra Fruity Rice Ball and 3 Choclit, go to Vess’s house and hand them over.

If you are done doing this, go to Mabon again and ask for a new task. This time the task assigned will be finding a set of Golden Bracers.

Finding the Golden Bracers

There is a single golden bracer in each area where Vess and Mabon are engaged in combat. Therefore, ignoring it and going to both places is preferable.

Location 1

A golden bracer will most likely be discovered in the Kingdom of Uraya. After reaching the location, you’ll notice a little gap from the broad stairs in the center of Fonsa Myma by climbing down. Squat down to the small ledge right there at the gap’s edge. Follow the ledge around until you are underneath the big staircase to locate an excavation location. Take the Left Golden Bracer from the Treasure Trove that appears.

Location 2

The second location where a golden bracer is most likely to be discovered is the Empire of Mor Ardain.

This is in the hidden Fief of Forgetfulness area. To head to the inn and wait till low tide to get here. Come back to Kedeigh Gate at this point, and search for a set of steps that lead north on the left side of the bridge. After reaching a walkway, continue down the sets of steps there. Keep an eye out the south toward the city’s center for a metal structure embedded in the nearby wall with a Collection Point perched above it.

Cross over to this, then turn to the right. Here, descend the ensuing platforms to get to a ledge below. A mining shaft tunnel with a slope can be found on this ledge. To reach the “Fief of Forgetfulness,” follow this to the bottom.

There is an excavation location in the extreme southwest of this region that we can investigate. Grab the Right Golden Bracer from the Treasure Trove.

Step back to Torigoth after you have the Right Golden Bracer and Left Golden Bracer in your possession. Go to Vess’ home and have another conversation with Mabon there.

Golden Bracers- Next Stage

Mabon wants that we deliver both of the Golden Bracers that we now possess to the children. Thus, we need to have a little conversation after approaching each child.

One of the children, named Noelle, is located in the Fonsa Myma, part of the Kingdom of Uraya. Antis is situated in Alba Cavanich, which is, in fact, in Alba Cavanich. You can find him on the second floor of the walkway.

Last Stage

To start the closing sequence, return to Torigoth and go to Vess’ home. Once it is finished, take the core crystal from the kitchen area behind the house.


Complete the Tranquility side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to gain the following rewards:

  • 920 EXP
  • 1x Vess’s core crystal is indeed a very rare blade.
  • 1x gold gear choker.
  • 144 SP
  • 1x Unrefined Aux Core is also one of the rewards.


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