How to Level Up Fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This guide will help you Level Up Fast by providing effective XP Farming Tips in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to maximize XP Gains.

In this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Level Up Fast Guide, we’ve shared a few Quick XP Farming Tips to help you Earn XP Fast and tackle the end-game. Power Leveling in the game isn’t hard if you keep a few key points in mind.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Leveling Tips

When you are in Combat, you need to rely on everything at your disposal to finish an encounter quickly and move on to the next one. However, don’t get greedy and die. Play aggressively but know when to back off! Regarding Combat, you should pay attention to the symbol/text on the right-hand side of an enemy’s name.

This symbol/text will tell you about the weaknesses of that enemy. After you’ve learned about the weakness, use the appropriate Blade and land hard-hitting combos to end the battle before enemies can react.

XP Farming Tips

When it comes to leveling up in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you need to ensure that you level up Rex and the entirety of your Party simultaneously; it allows you to travel through the entire area on the map without fear of fixed higher-level enemies. As for actually Farming XP, you should rely on combat more than anything else.

While side quests are a great way to level up, engaging in combat and staying alive is a more efficient method. Side quests in the game don’t grant a massive amount of XP and, therefore, are ineffective for Power Leveling.

During the Early Game, you can farm EXP by heading to Lyta Oasis, Gormott Province. It’s a place towards the lower side of the starting island. Once there, you should easily encounter a group of enemies who won’t attack you until you begin the encounter.

They are not too tough to beat – especially if you keep the Enemy’s Weaknesses in mind. Killing them will grant you a significant amount of XP. Fast travel back and forth from this location to respawn the enemies.

How to Maximize XP Gains

To maximize XP gains and level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you must focus on Combat.

Sharpen your blade, head to the wild, and bring down your enemies. Do a few side missions as well to get bonus XP. A blend of combat and side quests can optimize XP gains.

A useful tip to maximize experience is fast battles. Quickly finish off your enemies with smart strategies. This way, you can get into more fights and earn more experience quickly.

Remember, once you’re done defeating enemies in Lyta Oasis – Gormott Province or any other place that you prefer – you need to find an inn and rest there, which is a shortcut for leveling up after Combat. At this point, you need to ensure that all the Party Members, who were part of the encounter earlier, head inside the inn with you and rest together.

Another thing that you need to know is not to die while in Combat. If you die, you will lose all earned XP and have to start over again. We advise you to be a little smart with your encounters.

Fastest Leveling from Level 40 to 99

To reach level 50 from level 40 fast, start by going to the northernmost part of Noctilum. A slew of low-level mobs spawn here that you can pick off for easy XP gains. Farm this area a couple of times til you reach level 50.

At level 50, the best thing to do to level up fast is to complete side missions and progress in the game to get stronger.

Between levels 55 and 65, face the weak and isolated monster Vampire Queen Marion in Dragon’s Stomach Uraya.

Upon defeat, this boss drops incredible items such as gold chips, legendary cores, and great ox cores. However, you must complete the Titan Scholar side quest to unlock this area.

Once you reach level 65, you’ll be strong enough to face the final boss. Face the final boss strategically by building up elemental orbs and chain attacks.

With a few kills, you will reach level 70. From 70 to 75, the best option is to face the insectivore Malcom outside Coolley Lake in Gormott. This boss drops beta scopes, an important item for farming via driver combos.

For levels 75 to 82 fight the Tirkins at Old Gelemos Gate, Tantal. These enemies are bunched up in groups so you can kill multiple at once, and they drop the great level 5 ox cores as well. At level 81 or 82, you’ll be capable enough to face the T-Rexes in Temperantia. Over-killing these enemies provides excessive experience points, and you can easily reach level 91.

In the 90s, it’s time to put your big boy pants on. Equip your best cores and accessories to reach your highest power level. Face the level 100 above super bosses. One recommended super boss is Reeking Douglas at Brigand’s Hideout, Gormott.

This boss drops legendary cores and is an excellent choice for end-game farming. Now you are strong enough to face any enemy and can easily reach level 99 by repeating this fight several times.

While there aren’t any accessories that grant you bonus XP, you can make use of combat and defense accessories that give you an edge over your enemies, allowing you to take them out easily and gain XP.

Ice HeadbandRare (***)Critical damage +40%
Iron HeadbandRare (***)Critical damage +30%
Noise DampenerRare (***)Damage ratio after canceling an auto-attack +60%
Seven-League CircletRare (***)Doom Resistance +70%
Terror MasqueUncommon (**)Deal +55% damage, take +27% damage
Vanish HoodRare (***)Aggro reduction +37%

How to Increase Trust in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Trust is a quality between the player and their blade. It takes a lot of effort to increase this stat. Battling an enemy with a blade is the simplest way to increase trust. Maximizing the affinity with the blade provides an additional +10 trust in each encounter.

Merc Missions unlocked in chapter 3 help to raise trust. These missions involve sending a Blade away for some time to return with experience and rare items. The most effective way to raise trust in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is by using pouch items.

The pouch items grant damage bonuses to blades and increase trust. The best pouch items are accessible from Chapter 5. When you visit Fonsett in the Leftherian Archipelago. Other locations for these items include vegetable and meat stalls.

Here is a list of the best pouch items for raising trust in the game:

  • Fragrant Samod Stralu: +18 Trust
  • Veg and Oyster Aspic: +18 Trust
  • Pipestraw Smoothie: +18 Trust
  • Glarna Stir-Fry (Rarer and More Expensive)
  • Braised Cloud Sea Shark: +15 Trust
  • Zaproast Power Bowl: +15 Trust
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