Xenoblade Chronicles 2 The Case of the Crane Side Quest Guide

The Case of Crane is a fun and challenging Side Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This Side Quest is given by Eyvan and involves repairing Torigoth’s crane and catching the culprits behind the damage. This article discusses the side quest’s location, walkthrough, and rewards.

Case of the Crane Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The Case of the Crane is located in the Gormott Province. To start the quest, the player must talk to Eyvan at the Torigoth’s main entrance in Saets Lumber Co.

Case of the Crane Walkthrough

This side quest requires the player to fix the broken crane and find the criminals who damaged it. 5 Winding Gears must be collected and provided to Natheus to fix the crane. Natheus is found at the town’s entrance, left of the archway. These gears can be collected in Gormott. Abble’s Fountain by the Saets and Chief’s Residence is the closest point from Natheus’s location to obtain the gears.

The player must have a conservation with some characters to find the criminals. To talk with Pettle, jump down from Natheus’s location to meet her. She will ask to gather information about the town.   Next is to speak with Rahim standing on the watch post in front of the town.

He will be standing next to the wanted posters. After speaking with Rahim, proceed to the café and climb up to the rooftop using the barrel. This is the top of Saet Chief’s Residence and talks with Welma.

Rosaly sits on a bench southeast of Welma, and Poyopoo is in the Kloom Farm east of town. Talk with both of them. After speaking with all the four characters, the player will know who and where the criminals are.

Prepare for the battle and call at least two party members before confronting the criminals. The fight will be difficult, so only a prepared player can survive. After killing the culprits, head to Pettle to receive a Damage Heal I Core. Finally, Head back to Eyvan to end the mission and claim your reward.


The player receives a generous reward for completing the Case of the Crane side mission. The following is a list of the records:

  • 580 Gold units
  • 510 EXP points
  • 64 SP
  • Arts Stealth I
  • Damage Heal I
  • Affinity Max Attack I
  • Fire Defense Up I

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