Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mysterious Note Side Quest Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has several side quests in the game, including the Mysterious Note. After completing Mysterious Note, you will gain access to the side quest The Riddle on the Wall and get Activity Amulet as a reward.

Read this guide to find Mysterious Note side quest Location, Walkthrough, and rewards in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Mysterious Note Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The  Mysterious side quest is located in the Acid Gullet at the Kingdom of Uraya. You can easily reach Acid Gullet by fast traveling to the Gullet Pass. Drop down the ladder and reach the starting point of the side quest, which is in an acid water cave.

Mysterious Note Walkthrough

At the Acid Gullet, travel to the acid water cave. There will be enemies inside the cave, so prepare yourself before entering the cave. The enemies will drag you inside the acid water while fighting, and this water will quickly deplete your Health. You must find and pick the key item, “Note Fragment, ” inside the Acid water cave.

You will receive the objective of the mission after picking the key item. The objective is to travel to the marked location on the map in Uraya. The marked location will guide you to the top of the Exposed rock inside the Cleansing Spring.

To travel to the Cleansing Spring, fast travel to the Soulcrown Summit. Jump into Lake Verna from the Mountain ledge. Swim to the other side of Lake Verna to find an open water slide. You will gain significant speed on the water slide, which will be able to jump to the Exposed rock at Cleansing Spring. You will find the “Broken Knife” item on the Exposed rock in front of the chest.

Your next objective in the Mysterious Note is to find the owner of the broken Knife in Uraya. Fast travel to the Eight-Rock location and find a waterfall in the Stomach. You will find the owner of the broken Knife: Erebos, at the top of the cliff beside the waterfall.

Erebos will attack you when you talk to him because he thinks he is being deceived. Dodge his Knockback moves as these can push you down into the water. The rest of his moves cannot be difficult to attack against.

Once the battle with Erebos is over and defeated, he will ask for forgiveness for the disagreement earlier. He will also thank you for the Broken Knife that you delivered. The knife belongs to his grandfather.


Once you’ve completed the Mysterious Note side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Gold: 1060.
  • EXP: 0.
  • SP: 107.
  • Items: Activity Amulet.

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