Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Grow, Little Vegetables Side Quest Guide

Grow, Little Vegetables is one of the many side quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in which you have to grow some vegetables, as it is quite obvious from the name of the side quest.

This guide will cover everything related to Grow, Little Vegetables Side Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, including its location and rewards. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Grow, Little Vegetables Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The Gormott Province is where you may find the Grow, Little Vegetables Side Quest. Chat with Nomon, a Nopon that lives on Kloom Farm and is east of Torigoth. He will want fertilizer so that his vegetables can thrive.

Grow, Little Vegetables Walkthrough

To start the Grow, Little Vegetables Side Quest, you must have started Chapter 3+. Once you go and talk to Nomon at Kloom Farm, You will learn that perhaps the seeds that Grannypon provided him would not grow

You may give Nomon a selection of products from a menu that appears when you speak to him. Most likely, you already have several of these with you. If not, Collection Points are a great place to find several required things.

Any product will contribute 10 points at least toward the 100 points of fertilizer Nomon needs, and more rare objects could contribute considerably more. Focusing on gifting the common value goods you have can be the least expensive option.

Give Nomon 10 things, spend a brief time at the Coedwig Inn there, and then come back to check on the garden. When you return to Nomon, you’ll notice that his tiny field has blossomed. However, the veggies have an unusual appearance.

There is a Torigoth Relay Base around Torigoth. You will discover that waste comes from the Torigoth Relay Base and goes into the water after exploring the region and Nomon’s soil.

Locate the tower by entering the base and turning to the left. To halt waste discharge, use the valve you may discover by climbing the ladder. This will cause the water to drain, exposing a Treasure Trove in the process. Before returning to Nomon, take the treasure as you’ll find a Rare Core Crystal, among many other things.

However, you’ll have to give Nomon another 100 points’ worth of fertilizer because the contaminated water destroyed his first crop. Just give him plenty of the same group of products as they are all necessary. Go back to the inn for another nap, then return to Nomon to see how the garden is doing.

A dancing Nomon may be found amid some fresh, nutritious veggies that remarkably resemble little Nopons. The Nopon, feeling good about himself, will choose to give the new veggies the name, Nopopomouli. Even though he claims he could only offer you Nopopomouli, Nomon will give a reward.


The rewards for completing Grow, Little Vegetables Side Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are:

  • x1 Apprentice Vambraces
  • 930G
  • x1 HP Attack Boost II
  • 720 EXP
  • 73 SP
  • 250 Trust

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