Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fresh and Fruity Side Quest Guide

The location, walkthrough, and reward details of the fresh and fruity side quest are covered throughout this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 guide.

Fresh & Fruity is a side quest you can complete in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to gain Twaina’s Recipe and many other rewards. The location, gameplay elements, and reward details of this side mission will all be covered in detail in this guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game that features a brand-new world and a plethora of brand-new characters. The game’s main character is Rex, who travels the globe with his friend Pyra in pursuit of Elysium, the ultimate utopia for humans.

Fresh And Fruity Location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Talking to Twaina, an NPC in Gormott’s Grodd Residential Zone will begin the quest for players. If you deliver her the ingredients she’s lacking, she’ll offer to share her top-secret pie recipe with you.

She specifically needs four Hustle Hyacinth units and seven Mint Fish. The entire mission is not straightforward, though. The seven Mint Fishes and the four Hustle Hyacinth units are highly elusive. Once you locate them, deliver them to Twaina to end your mission.

Fresh And Fruity Walkthrough

Obtaining the ingredients is the first step in the Fresh and Fruity sidequest’s gameplay before Glyn’s Request is presented.

Hustle Hyacinth’s Location

Hustle Hyacinth is available at several locations near Coolley Lake. They are small, purple blobs you can ultimately find if you just look around. When everything else fails, just engage in combat with a formidable foe and let them finish you off. The collection points will also be restocked after you resurrect.

Mint Fish’s Location

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, fishing is not the actual fishing. People have to dig them up from the ground. You should focus your efforts on areas near bodies of water where collection points may include fish. Keep digging in Coolley Lake since you already have to go there to get the plant.

The GORMOTT PROVINCE is the setting for the Fresh & Fruity side mission in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We must speak with Twaina, located in the Grodd Residential Zone beneath the stairs in Torigoth, since this was discovered in the Gormott Province. 4 Hustle Hyacinth and 7 Mint Fish are the ingredients Twaina will request to bake a pie.

Getting the Ingredients

Some of the ingredients may already be in your inventory, but Lyta Oasis, one of the skip trip destinations in Gormott’s Upper Level – Right, has more. Check out every location, but be cautious of the more challenging foes.

When you have all the ingredients, warp to Tora’s home and then return to Twaina to deliver them. She’ll then inquire about your ability to locate Glyn to mend her stove.

Glyn’s Request

Warp to Abble’s Fountain to find Glyn in the Torigoth Market. You can find him next to the Aux Core store, where you can pay him 3,000 gold or his wife’s Chain of Keys.

Getting the Keys

If you decide to search for the Chain of Keys, proceed to the salvage site south of Abble’s Fountain. Prepare yourself for a level 6 Sabri Crustip battle! Return and speak to Glyn after defeating it to receive the Chain of Keys.

After completing all the tasks, return and speak to Twaina. Finally, the quest is complete.


The rewards you can get from completing the Fresh and Fruity side quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are mentioned below.

  • 200 Dev Points
  • 150 Trust
  • 500 G
  • 380 EXP
  • 54 SP

And the most important of all is :

  • Twaina’s Recipe


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