XCOM Chimera Squad Undermine Psionic Research Walkthrough

XCOM Chimera Squad Undermine Psionic Research mission has you going through three encounters in order to rescue and extract a hostage with your team. You are going to want to bring you’re A-game forward with this one, as it really tests your strategic placements with each character.

We have made this guide detailing encounters and the strategies that we, personally recommend you to use in said encounters to Undermine Psionic Research.

XCOM Chimera Squad Undermine Psionic Research

Grab all your supplies, your resources, upgrade your agents, and get your best boys at work; once you’re ready, it’s time to set out on the Undermine Psionic Research mission.

Be warned that this is a hard mission, against Progeny faction, and every move you make is important; one wrong decision, and you will be taking the entire team down with you.

First Encounter
The first encounter consists of a total of two doors,

  • Quick Snare – First through will be rooted for 1 round.
  • Ready for Anything – First unit through gets +50 dodge.

Enter through and use any cover to your advantage in taking out the enemies. Make sure you got the character with the lowest health pool (Or anyone you don’t want taking damage for that matter) going through and getting “Ready for Anything’.

Second Encounter
There will be only one entrance onto the second encounter against the Progeny which offers you,

  • Reflex Boost – All units gain +25 Defense for 1 round.

This is a pretty good bonus and will help your team’s overall performance in the second encounter. Try not to be too reckless though, it doesn’t take long for the tides to turn against you.

Third Encounter
The final encounter in Undermine Psionic Research mission is difficult, and will present you with the following options during entry,

  • Delayed Snare – Last unit rooted for 1 round.
  • Overseer – Last unit has overwatch activated.

Aside from the enemies, there will be a hostage that you will need to secure.

Try to get close to the hostage, and once you have him, extract with the entire squad to your left of the hostage. Make your strategy in accordance with the exit route.

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