XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down Gray Phoenix Walkthrough

Take Down Gray Phoenix is the last mission against the faction in XCOM Chimera Squad and we have prepared a walkthrough to help you with it

After completing your mission to rescue abducted aliens, the final step to finish the Gray Phoenix Investigation is to take down the faction itself. Here we have the complete XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down Gray Phoenix Walkthrough to help you with this last mission for the faction investigation.

XCOM Chimera Squad Take Down Gray Phoenix

Like some missions, you won’t have to wait to start this mission after unlocking it. There are three different encounters throughout the mission.

At the start of the first encounter, you will have two doors having keypads.

The first one has First Impression (meaning that first unit through this entrance is guaranteed to land their shot) and the other with The Best for Last (meaning that last unit through this entrance is guaranteed to land their shot). Choose the door which suits your squad.

Inside, there will be some tough Gray Phoenix enemies you will have to face off against. You will also have to use the three consoles to delay UFO launch.

The best strategy is to move the squad member closest to the console to interact with it. The first encounter will end when you clear all enemies and interact with all three of the consoles.

In the second encounter, the start is difficult as there is only one entrance with Quick Disable active (meaning that the first member will have their entrance will have their weapon disabled).

Moreover, there will be very tough enemies in this encounter. The level is a long corridor and Gray Phoenix enemies will attempt to run away.

Focus on dealing as much damage as possible, and use grenades if you have them.

After you have cleared the floor, you will have to manually move all your squad to the UFO one by one. You will be attacked by a Sectopod during this process. So make sure you carefully plan the execution to the UFO.

The Sectopod will charge his attack which will take 1 turn. This will cause massive damage to a highlighted area in the next Sectopod turn.

You either stay and attack him or move away from the highlighted area. After you deal with the Sectopod, get ready for the third encounter.

At the third encounter start, there will be two Security doors, one having Secure Entrance (meaning that there are fewer Aggressive enemies present) and one with Surprise! (successful shots on enemies during the breach will stun).

There is also one door with Keypad having Closely Watched (enemies deal +1 damage during the breach) and Seal the Deal (last united through this entrance does +3 damage during the breach) active. It’s up to you how you want to tackle this.

In the next part, if you failed to delay the UFO launch during the 1st encounter, the UFOs will try to launch.

Look for the marked ones as they will be the closest to launch. Attack the crews and use Verge to stun the enemies.

This will be the end of Gray Phoenix faction. You will be able to choose between the remaining two factions: The Progeny and the Sacred Coil to start a new investigation in XCOM Chimera Squad.

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