XCOM Chimera Squad Scavenger Market Guide

In our guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to go about unlocking the Scavenger Market in XCOM Chimera Squad.

The Scavenger market can be a valuable source for new equipment for your Chimera Squad as well as upgrades.

XCOM Chimera Squad Scavenger Market

The scavenger market in XCOM will be unlocked after completing a situation type mission that appears on the city map earlier in the game.

The situation doesn’t show up immediately so keep playing the game until you see the situation “contact the scavenger market” show up on your map

It’s worth noting that choosing this situation mission (as with all situations) will use up 1 in-game day but it’s still worth doing for the goodies that will available in the market

Deploying your APC to this situation will have unlocked it; you will have a meeting with Xug the manager of the market.

Xug will offer some dialogue explaining the market and then you can begin shopping

It’s also worth noting that if you look at the corner of the market UI it’ll tell you when it is available

Save Intel for Scavenger Market
Everything that appears in the Scavenger Market will be different every time and you can buy it with intel.

So, you should save a decent amount of intel to buy things whenever they appear in the market.

It is recommended that you should have at least 100 intel so, you don’t miss out on anything important as the items sold at the market will be randomized the next time you go shopping

Later in the game, if you complete the Special Ops mission “sanctioned cooperation” you can get one free item from the Scavenger Market.

This is really valuable so you want to use this one-time freebie on the most expensive item available

Primarily these items are sold at the Scavenger market

  • Weapon and armor upgrades
  • Grenades
  • Epic weapons
  • Elerium packs

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