XCOM Chimera Squad Investigate The Progeny Walkthrough

To take down a faction, you have to investigate their activities first in XCOM Chimera Squad. In this XCOM Chimera Squad Investigate The Progeny guide, we will be discussing the entry points and the difficulty you will be facing in each encounter immediately after, in the mission ‘Investigate the Progeny’.

Investigate the Progeny mission will have you going through three encounters in total as you pry deeper into the Progeny’s intentions and attempt to learn more about their actions.

XCOM Chimera Squad Investigate The Progeny

The Progeny; let’s start, shall we. The investigation itself consists of a total of three encounters with neither of them being overly difficult.

The First Encounter
The first encounter has you breaching through only one possible option,

  • Lead by Example – First unit through will do +3 damage during the breach.

Make sure you’ve got your best agent going through first; even if you have no strategy, the first encounter is relatively easy and you should be able to clear the area with no problems whatsoever.

The Second Encounter
For the next encounter against the Progeny, you will have two possible points of entry,

  • Pinpoint – Guaranteed critical hits for every successful shot.
  • First Impression – The first unit has a guarantee of landing their shot.

Use the window with pinpoint to the best of your advantage and you will be able to clear the room in the second encounter without any problems.

The Third Encounter
Final encounter for Investigate the Progeny mission will have only one possible entrance,

  • Delayed Disable – Last unit through will have their weapon disabled.

Probably the hardest encounter compared to the previous two we just completed.

Your primary objective here is to stop all of them before they flee with the contraband. Prioritize any enemies that have a marker on them to prevent them from escaping with the said item.

Once the investigation is complete, you can start tracking Progeny teams for the next mission.

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