XCOM Chimera Squad Confiscate Progeny Tech Walkthrough

A need to weaken the foundation of The Progeny arises in XCOM Chimera Squad, and the best way to do...

A need to weaken the foundation of The Progeny arises in XCOM Chimera Squad, and the best way to do that is to start seizing their tech as best as possible. In this XCOM Chimera Squad Confiscate Progeny Tech walkthrough, we will be taking you through different encounters in different missions in order to complete the main task at hand.

XCOM Chimera Squad Confiscate Progeny Tech

Starting off you will have a total of three missions laid bare, with two of these being side-missions, which are ‘Tech Support’ and ‘Secret Stash’. The main mission you will be doing for this part of the story will be ‘Seize Psionic Tech’.

Seize Psionic Tech
You will be having only one, rather tough encounter for the duration of this mission to confiscate Progeny tech.

Things kick off by breaching through the main door which will have scanners and mark you for the rest of the encounter. One of the rooms inside will have a Psionic Augmenter that you will need to acquire.

Keep the enemies at bay while you try to grab the Augmenter before reinforcements arrive. Extract after you have what you need.

Coming back to the HQ, you will have two more situations to choose from which are,

  • Elerium Smuggler
  • Locate Missing Informant

Completing the second one, i.e. ‘Locate Missing Informant’, you will get two more options afterwards which are,

  • Hot Tip in Riverside
  • Turncoat in Downtown

Turncoat in Downtown
Selecting this mission will help you decrease Unrest of the area along with gaining an armor mod, and a utility item.

This mission will have a total of two encounters, with the first one having two doors,

  • The Best for Last – Last unit has a guarantee to land their shot.
  • Vanguard – First unit through gets +1 armor for the encounter.

Setting yourself into the first encounter you will be facing a number of tough enemies. One of the enemies will try to take a hostage, try to stop them during the breach.

The second encounter will have two main doors,

  • Ready for Anything – All units get +50 dodge for 1 round.
  • Quick Scan – First unit will be marked until the encounter ends.

Breach through, grab the case and start making your way to the evacuation point for extraction. Use cover to avoid any unnecessary damage and extract ASAP.

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