XCOM 2 Hero Characters Unlock Guide – How to Unlock Peter Van Hoorn and Sid Meier

XCOM 2 Hero characters unlock guide to help you unlock Peter Van Hoorn and Sid Meier legendary characters. 

Renaming soldiers in XCOM 2 not only reflects a certain sense of affiliation and attachment, but can also be used to unlock ‘Hero Characters’.

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XCOM 2 – How to Unlock Hero Characters

Heroes in the game are basically fully equipped and upgraded characters belonging to a certain class with very high stats. Since they are pretty powerful, recruiting them automatically disables all Achievements for the current playthrough.

These soldiers cannot only be recruited for free, but are so powerful that they are capable of wiping out entire enemy forces without even breaking a sweat!

These characters can be unlocked at any time during the playthrough. In order to do so, you need to head over to the Soldier Roster, select a soldier, and select Character Info. Once there, you basically need to change the ‘First Name’ and the ‘Last Name’.

One important thing to note here is that summoning these ‘Hero Characters’ will wipe everything about your previous soldiers such as Character Info., abilities, stats, physical attributes, and more.

Lastly, note that despite their power, these Hero Characters can be dismissed or left to die during the combat.

Unlocking Heroes

How to Unlock Sid Meier
First Name: Sid
Last Name: Meier

This soldier is a Psi Operative Magnus who has every Psionic ability at his disposal; in addition to advanced weaponary and gear.

How to Unlock Peter Van Hoorn
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Van Hoorn

This Assault Build Ranger Colonel has extremely over-powered Conceal and Rapid Fire Scout at his disposal along with advanced gear and other weapons.

Currently, these are the only Hero Characters that we have come across until now. Do you know any other of these, share them with us in the comments section below!

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