Xbox Series X Sound Will Also Be Driven Forward With New Hardware

The Xbox Series X sound system is part of Microsoft's efforts at hardware acceleration to make it the best that it can possibly be.

While many people put a lot of emphasis on a video game’s framerate and graphics these days, the Xbox Series X sound is also going to be a big part of the console when it releases. The hardware for the console might even help to push sound in video games to new heights.

A leaked Game Developer’s Conference panel description for this year is titled “Building Audio Gateways Into Immersive Worlds With Spatial Sound (Presented by Microsoft)”, which is apparently going to also include a currently-unannounced feature for the Xbox Series X.

According to the panel’s synopsis, the sound engineers from Borderlands 3 and Gears of War 5 will be talking about how a partnership between Microsoft, Dolby Digital, and other middleware partners helped to kick off the new audio technology for the Xbox Series X sound system and how it will accelerate hardware.

Since gaming technology is becoming better all the time, hardware acceleration to help the Xbox Series X stay caught up is important, especially if Microsoft wants the Series X to be able to stay ahead of the Playstation 5 when it comes out.

While we don’t know what sort of speakers are going to be used for the Xbox Series X when it comes out (though we’ll likely find out when the console is officially revealed later this year), the Xbox One X that came out in 2018 pushed the envelope for consoles.

Considering its success on that front, Microsoft will likely want to put as much top-of-the-line hardware as possible into the Xbox Series X, especially since one of the Playstation 4’s advantages over the Xbox One was greater power and framerate.

Hopefully, the Xbox Series X sound system will be able to help with the hardware acceleration that Microsoft is looking for, and can help to enhance the gaming experience on the console even further. The Xbox Series X will be coming out sometime during the holidays of this year.

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