Xbox Series X 1 TB Storage “Just Too Small,” Says Ori Dev

When accounting storage capacity on both next-generation consoles, Xbox Series X will launch with a larger solid state drive compared to PlayStation 5. Microsoft went with an internal storage capacity of 1 TB whereas Sony went with an oddly-figured 825 GB of storage capacity.

While taking part in a recent discussion on ResetEra to compare both next-generation solid state drives, Moon Studios CEO Thomas Mahler noted that while Xbox Series X will clearly offer more storage space, 1 TB will still be not enough for modern-day games. Keeping in light the increasingly large file sizes of games these days, an Xbox Series X would roughly hold ten games at best at once.

One thing that’ll suck for all of us is that 1TB is just too small nowadays, so prepare for housekeeping a lot more, at least until new console iterations appear with larger SSDs.

There was previously an assumption that since a larger next-generation focus will be on speedier solid state drives, developers will have to work with smaller-sized games to compensate the lower storage capacity. However, trying to reach the all-glorious 4K resolution with high-definition textures and pretty much all of the bells and whistles that players are expecting from a first-party next-generation game, those file sizes can never be expected to be reduced. Even with the 1 TB storage capacity of Xbox Series X, many players will likely end up purchasing an external storage drive all the same.

Looking at some of the games from the current generation, the most recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (and Warzone) weighs in at over 100 GB alone. Red Dead Redemption 2 weighed around 100 GB as well, while Destiny 2 will soon be crossing over 165 GB once the new expansion pack releases in fall. Grand Theft Auto 5 currently requires nearly 80 GB of empty space, a clear indication of how a next-generation Grand Theft Auto 6 would require even more.

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