Xbox Series S Sales Could Be Best In Microsoft’s History

Ed Boon of NetherRealm Studios has given his two cents on how he believes that the Xbox Series S might be Microsoft’s best-selling console ever. And it all has to do with the price, which he believes could help drive up Xbox Series S sales in the next console generation.

Boon’s reasoning on this is due to the Xbox Series S’s price, which is only $299, a full two hundred dollars cheaper than the normal Xbox Series X. The Series S is smaller than the X, and cheaper, but has all of the same features that the X does, making it a great budget purpose if you’re short on room or are looking for a cheaper option.

The reasoning here is the same used when Apple released its iPhone 11 and iPhone SE models. The SE, despite being less powerful than the 11, was substantially cheaper, only being $399 compared to the $749 price tag of the 11. This is likely why Boon thinks Xbox Series S sales could beat out the Xbox Series X.

Of course, this isn’t confirmed yet, especially since there are very few truly first-party exclusive Xbox games currently being marketed for the X. While price may be a factor in people buying the console, if there’s no games to go with it the Series S might disappoint.

At the same time though, there are more than a few games that Microsoft has planned for the next generation, and the less you spend on a console, the more you can spend on the games. Either way, hopefully Xbox Series S sales will live up to Ed Boon’s expectations.

You’ll be able to buy either one of the consoles when they both come out on November 10. There’s still been no indication of when the Playstation 5’s price and release date will be announced, but a presentation happening Wednesday could reveal that.