Xbox Series S Game Size Is Less Than Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S game size is apparently less than the Xbox Series X in three different games, including Sea of Thieves, Dirt 5, and Gears 5

Previous statements have been made about next-gen consoles that game sizes would be greatly reduced due to the better methods of storage. The Xbox Series S appears to be proving these right, as the Xbox News Twitter page announced that Xbox Series S game size is less compared to the Series X.

The Twitter account specifically mentioned three games in the form of Sea of Thieves, Dirt 5, and Gears of War 5, all of which will be making the jump to the next generation when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release tomorrow, November 10.

More efficient means of storage can mean that you can fit more games onto the hard drive of your console, and makes the Xbox Series S more economical beyond simply being a hundred dollars cheaper than the Series X. Other games coming to that version of the console may also be smaller.

Among the Xbox Series S game size list, Sea of Thieves is 64 percent smaller than on the Series X, Dirt 5 is 23 percent smaller, and Gears 5 is 39 percent smaller. According to previous statements, the decreased size is due to the game developers not having to include higher-resolution textures.

The Xbox Series S may be less expensive than the X, but it’s also less powerful, and thus is targeting resolutions that are lower than the Series X, though given the power of both consoles that shouldn’t be a very noticeable difference, especially for people who care less about graphics.

Going off of these Xbox Series S game size numbers, it’s likely that various other game swill also be smaller on the Xbox Series S due to their own lack of high-resolution textures, though this is also necessary because of how much smaller the Series S’s memory is.

Whereas the Xbox Series X has a full terabyte of memory space, the Xbox Series S only has 512 gigabytes, making space a premium. But, if you only play a few games and don’t care about how good they look, the Xbox Series S can still be a good fit for you when it comes out alongside its bigger cousin tomorrow, November 10.

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