Xbox Series S and X Will Support HDMI CEC

Both Xbox Series consoles will support HDMI CEC, which allows players to control multiple devices from a single control.

This is a subject that doesn’t apply to a huge part of the Xbox fanbase. However, it will make some people happy. According to a new announcement, both Xbox Series consoles will include HDMI CEC for multiple media control.

HDMI CEC is basically a way to control multiple devices through a single remote. This will help owners with more devices control them through their Xbox. This comes as bittersweet news since the new consoles won’t support HDMI IN. This means that there’s no plugging satellite boxes and cable straight to Xbox Series X and S.

The news comes from Twitter with Team Xbox’s Jason Ronald dropping the announcement on a comment. According to him, the HDMI IN might not be available on the Xbox Series X and S but the HDMI CEC will still be there to offer a

Only yesterday, while posting on Twitter, Xbox’s Marty Hess teased that Microsoft is “cooking” more next-generation announcements. We hope that the release date of the Xbox Series consoles isn’t the only reveal this month. Microsoft will also be breaking down Xbox Series S in the coming days so there’s at least one thing to be looking forward too.

One another big announcement coming from the Xbox team is that EA Play games are coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass PC in the next months. This is obviously great news for everyone that wants to open the next generation with a huge collection of available games to play. What a treat.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S will release on November 10th. The high-end model will come with a price tag of $499 while the budget diskless Series S will retail at $299. It will be interesting to see if the budget Xbox will manage to outsell the Series X now that we know that both consoles are super close in performance.

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