Xbox Scorpio Graphics Are Noticeably Different Than PS4, PS4 Pro

According to Phil Spencer, president of Xbox, the Xbox Scorpio graphics are going to be noticeably different than what we’re currently seeing on the current consoles, the Playstation 4, and the Playstation 4 Pro.

This is only the latest tidbit of information he’s released about Microsoft’s upcoming upgraded console.

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The Xbox One Scorpio has been talked up a great deal ever since it was first unveiled at E3 2016. Some have said that it’ll be roughly as powerful as a gaming PC, allowing its games to have amazing resolution and framerate.

Considering how the Playstation 4 Pro has gained some criticism for some of its games performing worse on the Pro than they do on a regular PS4, Microsoft has a chance to show up Playstation with it.

Spencer has also said that the Scorpio will be launching with a number of other games that, as of yet, haven’t been announced.

However, he has said that they’ll be more than able to take advantage of the Scorpio’s resolution and frame rate. Spencer has said that we’ll likely be hearing about some of these games at this year’s E3, which starts in June.

Considering that Playstation has been consistently outselling Microsoft when it comes the current generation, the Xbox Scorpio graphics and resolution being good enough to attract a lot of attention to the Scorpio and help it to sell.

The Playstation 4 Pro right now doesn’t really have enough games to be able to promote its resolution. Most of the games that run on it have to have a compatibility patch, and even then they sometimes aren’t nearly as good as games actually developed for it.

Games like Horizon Zero Dawn, which came out last week, are only one example.

In the meantime, with no confirmed release date, hopefully when the Xbox Scorpio graphics first get shown off for a game, it’ll impress a lot of people.

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