Xbox Project Scorpio And PS4 Pro Might Cause Some Games To Suffer, Says Developer

Xbox Project Scorpio seems to be all the hype these days considering that it has been made official what the console will have to offer, at least when it comes to the hardware side of things.  We have yet to see games running on Xbox Project Scorpio though.

Xbox Project Scorpio does seem like a major upgrade as compared to how the PS4 Pro improves upon the original PS4. Although there are many analysts that are making claims concerning Xbox Project Scorpio and it’s sales it is interesting what Pawel Lekki has to say.

Pawel Lekki is the CEO of EXOR Studios, known for X-Morph: Defense. This is what he has to say about the upcoming console:

“I think that Scorpio is providing more opportunities for advanced graphics options. However gameplay mechanics are always going to be limited to what is available on the base level consoles. I wouldn’t expect life changing upgrades to games on these consoles. I think that some games may actually suffer from their existence. I can imagine a scenario in which a game is designed to run at 30FPS on the base console versus 60FPS on the upgraded one.”

Xbox Project Scorpio

There is truth to his statement and it is possible that there might be games that might be hurt because of the Xbox Project Scorpio coming out. Although the upcoming console does provide some significant upgrades when it comes to power the base dynamics for games on consoles will stay the same.

Will this impact Xbox Project Scorpio sales? It could but I think that people who will be interested in Xbox Project Scorpio will be looking at VR and AR and not simply traditional gaming experiences. Plus the console needs to have some solid exclusives in order to make it.

Let us know what you think about Xbox Project Scorpio and whether or not you are interested in buying one.

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