Xbox One X Port Of Crash Bandicoot Might Be Coming Sometime In The Future

With the resounding success of the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Edition earlier this year, Microsoft has apparently started to toy with the possibility of an Xbox One X port of Crash Bandicoot, however nothing is actually confirmed yet. The rumor comes from a gif that showed the main menu with Xbox buttons in it.

This sort of news has been popping up from to time in past months, but they have so far just been rumors. This gif is the one thing that might support it beyond simple rumor.

However, considering how easy it is to fake gifs and videos, there’s also the possibility that there’s actually no plans for Microsoft to port the Crash Bandicoot games over to the Xbox One X. While some Crash Bandicoot games have come to the Xbox before (mainly spin-offs such as Crash: Wrath of Cortex, Twinsanity, Crash Nitro Cart, Crash of the Titans, and Mind Over Mutant), the original Crash Bandicoot games have always been Playstation exclusive.

However, Microsoft might have a goldmine on its hands if it’s able to get an Xbox One X port of Crash Bandicoot working on its console. Many Xbox gamers that have had that line of consoles all their lives might never have played a Crash Bandicoot game, and so Microsoft getting a port of the N Sane Edition might help them to be introduced to one of the great oldies of gaming.

However, there’s also the possibility that, if they do this, it could be a dismal flop. Playstation already holds a decisive sales advantage over the Xbox One, and considering the large numbers of other great games that are available on that console as well as on the Xbox One, there’s no reason why anyone might buy an Xbox One or an Xbox One X to play a single game when a cheaper alternative in the form of the Playstation 4 Pro could also be used to play Crash Bandicoot.

Either way, whether or not an Xbox One X port of Crash Bandicoot is in fact coming will likely be announced by Microsoft at some point, so if that’s something you might play on an Xbox One or Xbox One X, be on the lookout.

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