Xbox One X Sales Will Be 4 Million Through 2018, But 5 Million For Playstation 4 Pro

An analyst has predicted that throughout the year of 2018 that Xbox One X sales will total around 4 million, while the Playstation 4 Pro will earn 5 million. While that may seem like a big different, it still means that the Xbox One X is going to experience a high amount of success.

There has been a good amount of speculation dealing with whether or not the Xbox One X will actually be profitable for Microsoft when it releases. Despite its boasts of a large amount of power (enough to compete with modern PCs for at least a while), the Xbox One lagging far behind the Playstation 4, along with the Playstation 4 Pro releasing a full year earlier, had tempered expectations.

The analyst who predicted the high Xbox One X sales however, Lewis Ward, has predicted that while it won’t allow Microsoft to catch up completely with Playstation, it will give the console a run for its money in the United States and the United Kingdom. There are a number of reasons beyond graphical power that the Xbox One X will do this, as well.

For starters, EA Access and the Xbox Game Pass. EA Access still allows players early access to EA’s games such as the hotly anticipated Battlefront 2, not to mention Xbox Game Pass, which is a streaming service much like Playstation Now that allows players to rent games without having to buy them full-price.

However, there is one hurdle that Xbox One X sales will have to overcome: the price. The Xbox One will, according to Ward, cost somewhere around $499, which is a great deal more expensive than any console currently on the market. Even its closest equivalent, the Playstation 4 Pro, is a hundred dollars cheaper at $399.

Either way, we’ll see if Ward’s analysis rings true in regards to Xbox One X sales when the console hopefully releases in November.