Rumor: Xbox One X Sales Targets Have Been Met, Nearly Double PS4 Pro’s

The Xbox One X sales targets have apparently been met, according to John Harker, an industry insider on the website NeoGAF. Harker said that the console has sold over 430,000 units since it launched, in contrast to the Playstation 4 Pro, which only sold around 260,000 units when it launched in November of last year.

The possibility of the Xbox One X being a sales flop in the aftermath of the Xbox One’s lackluster sales numbers and the Playstation 4 Pro releasing a year earlier was a cause for concern for a lot of Microsoft-affiliated people, who were worried that the Xbox One X sales targets wouldn’t be met due to the console’s high price despite its power. Various analysts even figured that the console would fail to do well.

However, those fears appear to have been assuaged. If the Xbox One X sales numbers are correct, then it seems like having a more powerful console (that can apparently keep up with a fairly high-end PC for now) has proven to be a significant draw towards gamers, especially Xbox fans who want the power of a PC but can’t afford something that (relatively) expensive.

With games getting more and more graphically impressive each year, game companies, especially giants like Microsoft and Sony, have to constantly work to keep up. The two premium consoles, capable of running games in 4K, have risen to the challenge, but whether the next generation after them will have the same sort of quality remains to be seen.

Either way, with Xbox One X sales targets met, Microsoft can rest easy in knowing that the console will apparently turn a profit in spite of all the naysaying. And, with all of the beautiful-looking games that will be coming out in the future, hopefully the Xbox One X can continue its dominance over the Playstation 4 Pro.