A Special Xbox One X Console Version To Honor Paul Walker

Xbox fans know that Microsoft’s customized consoles are amazing. And they have gained quite a lot of popularity with players all over the world. Especially the special Xbox One X consoles.

Now though a new special Xbox One X console version has surfaced. The specialty of this customized version of Xbox One X is that it’s dedicated to Paul Walker.

Paul Walker needs little or no introduction. We all have seen the Fast and Furious movie series and know the kind artist Walker was.

His death was a sudden shock but in a way was philosophical as well. Since his passion for cars went beyond the entertainment industry and into reality.

Now to honor the great artist, who died in a tragic car accident back in 2013. Microsoft has rolled out this customized Xbox One X console for his fans around the globe.

Moving on to the aim of rolling out this dedicated console, they have created this custom Xbox One X console. With the intent to support Paul Walker Foundation.

Paul Walker Foundation is a foundation by Walker’s daughter, Meadow. Who aims to protect the environment, especially the oceans.

So when you will buy this special custom console dedicated to Paul Walker. You would be donating your money to this foundation. Which aims to keep its standards high when it comes to the protection of the environment.

This is not the first time, Xbox has honored Walker. Back in 2017 Microsoft also rolled out a Paul Walker -inspired Xbox One S Console, raffled for charity.

Back then Cody Walker, Paul’s brother and CEO of Reach Out WorldWide said:

I loved the idea of Xbox going back to when it first started for Paul and The Fast and the Furious with this awesome custom console design.

While for the GM of Games and Marketing at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg it is a good way to member Paul.

Our Xbox family is so proud to play a very small part in remembering Paul’s great career and work with ROWW

It is very nice to see that the big companies in the industry, take their time off to honor artists who have left us in a hurry.