Xbox One Snap Achievements App is Coming Back, Microsoft Confirms

Well, your feedback has made Microsoft reevaluate their decision to remove Xbox One snap achievements app; it is not going anywhere now.

When Microsoft removed the Xbox One Snap Achievements app, the reaction had left little doubt about how the community felt about it. You people wanted the feature back, and now you are getting it.

This has been confirmed in the Xbox One preview program where the developers responded to the negative feedback on removal of the app saying that the preview program is there to figure out what to change and what not to change in the console.

Microsoft says that “we initially felt pretty confident that Achievements in the Guide experience would be the right experience for the vast majority of users,” because of the snap on usage statistics they got.

However, the Achievements in Guide do not keep you update 100 percent on the time even when you are playing a game which is why the Xbox One snap achievements app is coming back

The Achievements Snap app is coming back. We really appreciate the tons of feedback you’ve given us on removing the app. This situation is exactly what the Preview forum is for. When we make changes, we need your feedback on them before we send them out to the world. Thanks for helping make Xbox great!

The latest Xbox One update went into preview on March 7, it is the same update that is bringing the functionality needed to purchase Xbox 360 backwards compatible games to the console.

Apart from the Xbox One snap achievements app, what other features would you like to see in the console? Drop a line in the comments section below.

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