Xbox One Slim Photo Leaked by Brazilian Equivalent of FCC

Anatel, which is the Brazilian Equivalent of the FCC isn’t very strict when it comes to NDAs of pictures. Thanks to their leniency we were able to get our hands on a leaked image of the upcoming Xbox One Slim model.

Every device that uses wireless data transfers and is going to be sold publicly needs to be approved by the FCC. Xbox One was no exception. FCC approved the original Xbox One fat model under model number 1525 or the FCC ID C3K1525. You can find FCC ID 1525 under your Xbox One console.

Microsoft recently filed documents for two new Xbox One models asking for FCC’s approval. The model numbers were 1682 and 1683. In the above image, you can see that the model number is 1683. Below is another listing we found on the FCC website showing 1683 model.

Xbox One slim (1)

If we go into further detail and check the exhibits we can see that model 1683 has a document named “User Manual 1525” which is not yet available.


Xbox One (2)

The NDA for 1683 and 1682 will end of June 26 and July 29 respectively. This indicates that we may get to see the new Xbox One Slim during E3 2016 in June.

Needless to say this isn’t a confirmation of any sort and we have to wait for Microsoft’s word to be sure. Microsoft will attend E3 to share its vision of Xbox One’s future.

We already know that this vision includes a strong relationship between Xbox and Windows 10 PCs. Could it also include a slimmer version of Xbox One? We’ll find out in two months.

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