Project Scorpio Is For Those Who Need The Absolute Best Version Of The Game, Says Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer talked about Xbox One Project Scorpio and how the development of the console started. Here is what you need to know.

Phil Spencer talked about Xbox One Project Scorpio and how the development of the console started. According to him, the development team started off by overclocking the Xbox One S and seeing what kind of performance it could offer. After that, the team started working on Xbox One Project Scorpio prototypes.

Phil Spencer even has an Xbox One Project Scorpio at home and he has been using it for some time now. Besides that, he even carried one of the chips around in his pocket which is of sentimental value to him. According to Spencer Xbox One Project Scorpio is for the gamer that wants the absolute best version of the game especially when it comes to third party games.

According to him people that buy an Xbox One Project Scorpio might already have a PS4 or Xbox and might want something to play third party games on. The upcoming 4K console could be a great option for such people.

Spencer also talked about Game Pass and how it will give families a library of games so that people do not need to go out and buy games every month. Game Pass will give users access to more than 100 games and it will be great value for money.

Project Scorpio is one of the most anticipated products coming out this year and everyone is waiting to see what games will look like on the upcoming console. Playing games in 4K is possible on the PS4 Pro but we are expecting something more from Project Scorpio when it comes to graphics and performance.

Spencer talked about Scorpio supporting games that run on the Xbox One S and that games will look better on the upcoming console. The full interview has been included in this article if you want to hear everything there is to it.

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