Xbox One Day One Edition in Japan Will Come With Titanfall and Kinect Sports Rivals

xbox one
As we already know, Xbox One is going to launch in Japan this September, and now a special edition has been announced for the launch, which is called the “Day One Edition”. This new edition will come with two popular Xbox One exclusives Titanfall and Kinect Sports Rivals.

In addition to the games, the bundle will include Xbox One, Kinect Sensor, Wireless Controller, Voice Chat Headset, HDMI cable, AC adapter, Power Cord, AA Batteries and 14 Days Trial for Xbox one Gold Membership.

Xbox One

The Day One edition of the console will be priced at 49,980 Yen as Japanese owners will be able to save almost 120 to 130 dollars with this purchase.

Xbox One has been doing great in thirteen markets that it is available in at this moment, with over 5 million units sold already. However, Microsoft is looking to expand the markets in the upcoming months so that more people will be able to get access to the console.

Recently, the company dropped price of Xbox One to $399 by removing Kinect from the console and this without Kinect version will also be available in Japan upon its launch in September.


Furthermore, Microsoft claims that over 48 Japanese developers are in collaboration with our company to develop Xbox One exclusive titles that will appeal more to Japanese gamers.

Over the period of last decade, Xbox has not really done well in Japan, but with Xbox One, Microsoft is going all in with new games and hoping that this time around, Japanese community will lean towards its console.

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