Xbox One is the Fastest Growing Console in the UK

Th e UK retailer, Argos has revealed exciting news about the Xbox One console claiming it to be the fastest selling console in terms of growth rate.

Retailer Argos has recently revealed certain console stats which have certainly made the Xbox One stand out. The Xbox One consoles excelled in the market due to the exponential growth it has shown in the past year. According to their one-year study, the Microsoft console has shown great potential in terms of sales and the Fortnite has been a real influencer for these sales.

As reported by Argos, Xbox One has seen a rise of about 22 percent in sales between July 2017 and July 2018. This makes Xbox One the fastest growing console in the market of the UK as of now. While comparing to the rivals, Nintendo Switch saw a 9 percent growth in the same tenure whereas the PS4 sales were increased to 11 percent.

Although the growth rate of Xbox One is the highest among the competitors in the marketplace PS4 still cover more area in volume overall. This means that PS4 is still the market leader.

Moreover, the role of Fortnite in making the Xbox consoles grow in such numbers was highlighted by Argos’ Head of Video Game Buying, Nick Hill. Furthermore, Nick Hill confirmed that Fortnite was not only the catalyst for sales of the console but other gaming devices as well.

It’s incredible to see how much Fortnite has influenced our customers and inspired a new generation of gamers. Demand for gaming laptops, controllers, gaming chairs and headsets has soared as customers look for ways to further enhance their gaming experience. Based on previous gaming phenomena like Pokemon Go two years ago, we predict that Fortnite fever will peak this Christmas as more of our customers spend their free time immersing themselves in the game.

The headsets increased to a drastic 65 percent sales due to the Battle Royale madness. Additionally, the gaming chairs saw a 25 percent rise whereas the controllers were sold 20 percent more than the previous year. The gaming laptops were also caught in this Fortnite trend resulting in 62% growth of sales.

Apart from Fortnite, the Xbox One X console also made the sales of the Xbox One grow, according to Argos. The Xbox One X console is a quite powerful console when it comes to hardware. It has certainly received well-deserved praise for the hardware as well. Moreover, the console has been reported earlier to be more popular in the US also as compared to Sony’s PS4 Pro.

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