Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Now Includes Call of Duty: Black Ops, Playable For Some

The biggest news of late for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility has been that the feature now supports multi-disc based games as well. However, we have another update you are going to love, Call of Duty Black Ops, the original one, is available on Xbox One too!

We have been sent a couple of photos by people who turned on their console and were greeted by a the game being listed as available on Microsoft’s latest console.

There is one problem though, the game was not officially announced for the feature by the officials yet, which is probably why the game is not being shown to everyone who is looking for it no the console.

Call of Duty Black Ops Available on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

One photo shared with us shows the home screen of the console where a big tile is dedicated to the game reading “Call of Duty Black Ops – Now Plays on Xbox One.”

The second photo has a similar message with an additional line urging the fans to “enjoy this best-selling game along with a growing number of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.”

Since the officials are yet to announce this, fans are also looking up for more evidence. It looks like a vague tweet made by Mike Ybarra, ‎Partner Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform at Microsoft, could have been about this.

Ybarra had tweeted about five or six hours ago, referring to something that would happen 13.5 hours after, without explaining what he was talking about.

Call of Duty Black Ops being made available on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility might be what he was referring to.

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