Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Brings Mass Effect DLC Packs

Good news, two Mass Effect DLCs have been made available on Xbox One through the backwards compatibility program.

Thanks to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature we are now able to get our hands on some of the most loved games on Microsoft’s latest console that weren’t otherwise going to be available on it.

Among these games is the original Mass Effect. However, the developers had only released the base game to Xbox One, it was still missing the downloadable content packs that were released to the game originally.

All that is changing now, the developers have also released a couple of DLC packs to the game on Xbox One just ot make sure that you get the complete experience.

Bioware has launched two downloadable content packs to Mass Effect namely Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station. Both of these are now available for download with the message “Ready to install” being written next to them in the game installation.

However, you will only see them if you have already purchased them.

It is a fact that the Xbox One backwards compatibility has brought to the table whole new reasons for users to buy the console (we know how large the Xbox 360 game library is).

Apparently for the same reason, we have picked up a number of rumors that PS4 backwards compatibility might also be a thing very soon.

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