Xbox One and PS4 Cross-Network Play Discussed By Microsoft

Microsoft Boss Discusses Xbox One and PS4 Cross-Network in an interview and answered the question about when it is happening.

Ever since Microsoft announced that it would support cross-network play between Xbox One and other consoles, gamers all over the world are asking the same question, “when will it happen?”.

In an interview with the Eurogamer Xbox`s European boss  Agostino Simonetta answered that question.

According to Agostino,  Rocket league will be the first game to be using Cross-Network play. As for when will we see the cross-Network play in other games  Agostino said that depends on the game developer, as they do not force them to use this, we will support them when they are ready to implement this feature in their games.

Agostino said that they have made the announcement and are ready for whoever wants to get on board with the idea. It’s an open invitation to any developer who wants to do cross platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Moreover, In an answer to a question about how difficult it is to implement cross network play, Agostino said that, he is not a technical person but it is certainly not easy as flipping a switch but it can be done.

Well, we certainly hope that it’s implemented as soon as possible and see what new opportunities it will open with it.

Microsoft and Sony aren’t the only companies on board with the idea of cross network gaming. Recently, Valve head Gabe Newell was asked if he would support PC to console network play, and he does.

If would certainly be beneficial for gamers across the board as such features can certainly bring the community together. The level of toxicity should go down afterward.

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