Xbox Live Games With Gold June 2018 Leaked, $100 Smite Bundle Included?

UPDATE – All Xbox Live Games With Gold June 2018 have been confirmed and the image from which the leak originates from is 100% true. The Smite pack costing $100 is actually a Gold Bundle which has been previously given out as a free pack for PlayStation 4 owners through PlayStation Plus free games. The Gold Bundle includes 31 Skins, 20 Gods, and Voice Packs, plus an Announcer Pack, as Reddit reveals.

As a surprise, this month’s free Xbox Live games have been leaked before their announcement later today. The monthly picture with the Xbox Live Games With Gold June 2018 is now available online and if it is legit then subscribers will complain… A lot.

According to the Xbox Live Games With Gold June 2018 leak, this month you’ll get Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, Lego Indiana Jones 2 and a $100 worth pack for Smite for your Xbox One. As you can see for yourself in the picture below, both Sonic and Indiana Jones are also available on Xbox 360:

The image suggests that this month’s games with gold are worth more than $159 but it seems kind of fishy since there’s no such Smite pack in the store and it significantly raises the bundle’s value. Even the God Pack available for Smite on Xbox One with $29.99 unlocks all heroes, both present, and future. That’s 1/3 of that price, so we can’t help but wonder what this pack is and most importantly if it is a fake.

What makes complete sense is the addition of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia in the Xbox Live Games With Gold June 2018 list. All Chronicles games have gotten their fair share of players through Games with Gold, so seeing Russia here too seems legit. However, it could just as well be a fake for the exact same reason.

As for Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed and Lego Indiana Jones 2, they both make sense but that doesn’t mean that seeing them implemented on the list makes such a huge impact. We’d love to add a sonic racing title to our library and spend some fun time with Lego but, we won’t jump up and down from excitement.

The Xbox Live Games With Gold June 2018 are still not confirmed by Microsoft, so you should take this leak with a grain of salt. As always, we’ll keep you informed about the official list of Games With Gold June 2018 as soon as it is confirmed by Microsoft.

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