Microsoft Releases First System Update In 2 Years for Xbox 360

Microsoft has released the first system update in 2 years for Xbox 360 which brings minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Microsoft has pushed out a new Xbox 360 system update. Microsoft hasn’t forgotten Xbox 360 even after it has released new and powerful consoles like Xbox One S and X. The old console got its first update in 2 years but the update brings minor bug fixes.

The previous update for Xbox 360 was released on March 29, 2016, which is a month before when Microsoft announced its decision to end the production of the console. While the console lifecycle may have ended, users can still enjoy all the games even they don’t a 360 anymore.

Backward compatibility is a feature which Microsoft announced at E3 2015 and since then it has become an important feature of Xbox which now has more than 500 games supported to be played on the latest Xbox One X and is updated almost weekly.

This is the feature with which Xbox One takes advantage over PlayStation 4 by allowing players to play old games without the need of older console which might never come to PlayStation 4 along with cross-platform play which everyone wants including Microsoft.

It is quite interesting to see Microsoft releasing an update for Xbox 360 after 2 years despite all of the Xbox 360 games available to be played on Xbox One.

Microsoft has shown that it still cares about Xbox 360 just when on the other side Sony has revealed that PlayStation 4 has entered its final phase.

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