Xbox Live Creators Program Brings Mouse And Keyboard Support To Xbox One

Microsoft has been trying to blur lines between PC and console gaming and Microsoft continues its efforts with the Xbox Live creators program that brings keyboard and mouse support to Xbox one. Xbox Live Creators Program was announced during GDC 2017, designed to make it easier for devs to release their games on Xbox One and Windows 10.

During the GDC 2017, Microsoft revealed some details about its Xbox Live Creators Program like what kind of Windows features could be enabled by the devs on Xbox One. According to Microsoft’s senior program manager, Andrew Parsons, Xbox Live Creators program will allow developers to enable all Windows features on Xbox One including the full keyboard support.

He added that enabling mouse and keyboard support for the console could offer huge benefits to certain sectors of the development community. Those studios whose games rely on keyboard control scheme like real-time strategy games will benefit greatly.

Furthermore, Microsoft engineer James Yarrow added that mice support for Xbox One will not work. When asked about it, he explained that most models will not be compatible with Xbox One only a handful of models will be and Microsoft hopes to bring support for all mice.

Do you think devs or games would benefit with keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Digitaltrends

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